S-OFF achieved on HTC One M9, thanks to beaups and jcase

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Even though HTC now officially lets you unlock bootloader on your HTC devices, the security lock on NAND partition is still a thing for a handful of users. HTC devices come with S-ON (Security On) by default and turning it off (S-OFF) involves a great deal of expertise, which is a thing of pro developers. But thankfully we’ve people like jcase and beaups who have been doing the hard work for a long time now and have achieved S-OFF on a number HTC devices already.

Now today, jcase has posted a picture of HTC One M9 booted into bootloader mode with *** S-OFF *** showing on the screen. This is exciting news for many users. However, the S-OFF method isn’t available for anyone to use yet. According to jcase, it’s still weeks away for a public release. But Hey! It’s nice to know that S-OFF has been achieved on the device.

Thanks jcase and beaups!

via XDA