Rumor: Next Nexus, Also The First Android 5.0 Jellybean Device, Launching in Early October ’12

Jelly Bean

Whoa, here you have it. The latest set of rumors is quite exciting — next Nexus, and next Android OS version 5, the Jelly Bean, are reported for an October launch, just in time before Thanksgiving and perfectly in time to give next iPhone – also rumored for October launch – the competition.

What’s more? Well, Wall Street Journal believes Google is looking to make it real large this time, as it’s being reported that Google will partner with several (that is, not just one) OEMs to manufacture the device and sell it globally, directly via the Google Play Store (Play Nexus/devices to come?) in US, Europe and Asia. Amazing, right?

We really hope that the direct selling to consumers via Play Store does results in quicker launches around the globe, and it’s safe bet to say that these devices will be free of carrier/manufacturer bloatware (apps, shortcuts and other stuff OEMs and carrier throw in built-in, you know) devices.

It’s also being said that Google might announce Android 5.0 (rumored as Jelly Bean) at next annual Google I/O conference in June ‘12. But we wouldn’t bet too much on it. Google has always preferred to announce its new OS with the device itself whenever it launched a device – as in the case of all Google devices so far: Nexus One, Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus – so, chances are definitely more than not that Google would announce and launch the Jelly Bean and next Nexus together, in October, beginning the sale of phone in US (and UK too perhaps) with other markets being covered asap.

Ohh last thing, as many as Five pure Google devices 00 that’s what we can Nexus — as expected to be launched. Well, this does seem too-much, so  let’s wait and see how much character this rumor got.

Whaddya say? Would you buy a Galaxy S3, or the One X in next few months if you’re planning on new device, or rather wait straight up for the next Nexus. I would, I know. I love my Galaxy Nexus too much, man.

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  1. rmleloup says: Reply

    I’ve had the galaxy S1, and the galaxy nexus, modded the hell outta them, reverted to native, modded again, etc. They’re phenominal, powerful beasts, and looking forward to the next one. 😀

    1. Kapil says: Reply

      Yep. These big and powerful, bold and beautiful devices and worth the extra time — more than just calling and smsing — you spend on them.

      And Nexus devices, especially the Galaxy Nexus, are a pure treat.

  2. Abhijeet Mishra says: Reply

    This will be epic if it happens. a choice of Nexus devices, hopefully at all price points. No more custom UIs, no more delayed updates due to manufacturers. Bring it on Google!

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