Rovio Promises Angry Birds Lite, for Low-End Android Phones with 550 Mhz-600 Mhz Processors


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  • Bolski

    Bummer. Doesn’t work on the LG Vortex right now. Crashes at the title screen.

    Hope they get this fixed soon!

    • Shivam

      I think they will get you a new ‘Lite’ version which is designed for phones like LG Vortex. After all, they are targeting, or let’s say, expecting huge money from android adverts. It would definitely help them if they can reach out to all android devices whether running a 1 Ghz processor or less, you know!

      By the way, the ‘lite’ version I mentioned above will not be trial version, it will be FULL game.

      And, I really don’t expect the existing edition go the game to be fixed for low-end phones.