Rooted UCLB3 Firmware for Infuse 4G Using CWM Recovery


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  • utilian

    But if my phone is not root.. how CWM is gonna Work??

    • Kapil

      Yeah, it’s for those who already have CWM recovery on their current (old) firmware/rom. Upgrading via CWM is easy. So, you better install CWM on your Infuse 4G, and then do the above to upgrade it to UCLB3. Search on Google for that, and if you can’t find it after trying several times, let me know, I would try :)

  • Jlgalleg1

    tried to install but it comes up with an error “signature verification failed” installation aborted.
    what is needed to get past this error?

    • Kapil

      You are trying this from stock Samsung recovery. install Clockworkmod (CWM) recovery first and then do this.

  • Fake

    I got the UCLK2 gingerbread update from kies before it was apparently pulled.  If you also did this you need to root it & install CWM thinger by following these instructions: 

    Don’t worry about the not for at&t thing, that’s b/c it was written before at&t got gingerbread.  I have at&t and it worked fine.  I did that, then followed the instructions on this page, and everything seems to be working normally.

    • Fake

      There’s a fresh link to the kernel on page 11 of the thread there.

  • dde

    I know these may be silly questions for you veterans, and I hate being a noobie – but I am. I just need to confirm:

    1) I have to root my Infuse before I can even install CWM on my phone, yes?
    2) Furthermore, the UCLB3 isn’t a program that will both root and install Gingerbread at the same time, correct? It is only to install Gingerbread for those that already have rooted phones.
    3) When referring to “your SD card” they are talking about the internal SD card, unless it specifically states “external SD card”, right?
    4) Should I unmount the external SD card before rooting? Some guides say yes, others don’t mention it at all.

    Thanks y’all for your time and dedication to helping those of us that are ignorant about this stuff, but wanting to learn.

    • Shivam

      1) Yes. First root your phone and install CWM recovery.

      2) Yes it’s only for those who have CWM recovery installed. But it’s pre-rooted, means after flashing this rom the user will retain Root access and CWM recovery.

      See, UCLB3 is an official firmware, and it doesn’t come with root access. That’s why the developer made this pre-rooted firmware. If you want the normal UCLB3 firmware (without root), then here it’s →

      3) Yeah you’re right. But you can always try external SD card if internal doesn’t work.

      4) No. Removing external SD card isn’t necessary at all.

      Let me know if you’ve anything else to ask..

      • dde

        Shivam, Awesome. Perfectly clear for me now. You answered all my questions & explained it so that I know the “how” & the “why.” I really appreciate u taking the time to help me. Thank you.

        • Shivam

          You’re welcome :D

  • qwerty

    No mention of the UCLA3 for the Skyrocket?

  • Max Payne

    I had no video after the install. I fixed it by flashing UCLB3 Stock Kernel. After that I ran into a problem where my SD card is not showing, it’s all greyed out. Any body had this problem?

    • Makwarro

      where can i get the stock kernell?

  • Raichiu

     How do you Boot into recovery? by pressing what?)

  • Wcz

    Hi I’m new to rooting. Will this install Gingerbread on my Infuse 4g? Thanks

    • Kapil

      Yes it will, and it will be rooted one, so use this if you want root too.
      If what you want is plain simple gingerbread update, search this site for ‘infuse 4g gingerbread’ and you’ll get link to install gingerbread firmware.