Rooted Honeycomb 3.2.1 Stock ROM for the Acer Iconia A500


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  • sridhar

    Why is it so hard and complicated to download this ROM?

  • Kleanthis

    An other rookie question. I am reading and reading before I do anything to my iconia and brick it. n1.So I saw that there are regional roms? Will this work on any acer iconia device?n2.Also, flashing the kernel is another thing?nu00a0What are the advantages of that?n3. After flashing with this 3.2.1 stock pre rooted, everything works or do I have to apply patches?n4. If I brick it, can I revive it?nThanks… and sorry for asking.

  • Kleanthis

    Please respond to a rookie acer a500 user. I have it in stock 3.0.1. Son1. I gain root access and install gingerbreak.n2.Install CWM 1.5n3.Backup recovery image to sd card.n4.Download the rooted 3.2.1 and put it zipped in the sd card (thebackup image is still there)n5.Get the iconia to recovery mode.n6. Full backup again to sd card.n7.When completes — wipe data/factory reset ->nu00a0navigate to “Yes – delete all user data”nn- wipe cache partition -> navigate to “Yes – wipe cache”nn- Advanced -> Wipe Dalvik Cache -> navigate to “Yes – Wipe Dalvik Cache”n8. Go back to CWM menu and – Install zip from sdcard -> choose zip from sdcard.nnNavigate to your zip on the SD card and install it – choose “Yes” again nto install. Wait untill installation is complete, return to the main CWMn menu and choose “reboot system now”.nIs that all I do? Please correct me if I forgot something or wrote something wrong.nOr just email me on

    • Kapil

      Yes. That’s all you need to do. You’ve got it right.

  • Jack

    Hello when I try to put iconia a500 in recovery mode a symbol admiration inside of android. And nothing happend. What can I do? Thanks

  • Jack

    Hello thanks for your well article, I have a question. There is spanish language in the ROM?nnThanks A Lot