Root XXKG1 Android 2.3.4 Firmware/ROM on Galaxy S2. Gets you ClockWorkMod Recovery too

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Android 2.3.4 Firmware XXKG1 is now available for download and installation on Samsung Galaxy S2. If you want to install it, check out our XXKG1 installation guide which will make the whole process dead easy. And if you’ve already installed it on your Galaxy S2 and want a Root XXKG1 guide, look below.

If you’re new to rooting you may ask why root it. Well, it allows you to do virtually anything with your phone — install custom ROMs, custom Themes, take full backups of apps (and app’s data) using free Titanium Backup app and install must-have clockwork recovery too.

Before we proceed to download and install instructions, see the info and warnings first:

[info]This guide is applicable only for Samsung’s Galaxy S2 (S II) international version (i9100). Check your phone’s version in Settings – About Phone. It has to be “GT-i9100” for the XXKG1 firmware to be compatible with your device. If it’s not GT-i9100, simply don’t try this ROM on your android handset, don’t even think about it if you care not to brick your device.[/info]

Warning: Warranty may be void of your device if you follow the procedures given on this page. You only are responsible for your device. We wont be liable if any damage occurs to your device and/or its components.

Install instructions:

One can root the XXKG1 firmware using Chainfire’s cf-root method. Download the CF-Root for XXKG1 from here (it’s the same root we used on earlier ROM but it works perfectly for XXKG1 too) and flash it using Odin3 v1.85. And if you want to remove the ‘flash’ icon — yellow triangle which exists to confirm that you’ve flashed stuff on your phone — that shows on boot up after you’ve flash the cf-root, flash this kernel (it’s a .exe file, double click to extract it. Password: intratech@XDA) in odin — root will be retained while that icon upon the boot will no longer annoy you.

If you’re new to odin and stuff, check the detailed Instructions set below.

Video Guide

Step by Step Guide

Here’s what you need to do to Root your XXKG1 Android 2.3.4 Firmware for Galaxy S:

  1. Download CF-Root kernel first. File name – Size 7 MB.
  2. Unzip the above file. You will get the .tar file – CF-Root-SGS2_XW_XEU_KE2-v3.7-CWM3.tar. DO NOT extract the .tar file. You need to flash the .tar file using Odin to gain root access and install the CWM alongside. (If you’re getting zimage, it means you’ve extracted the .tar file too! — and that’s not a right thing to do)
  3. Download Odin software. Filename: Size: 198 KB. Download Link. Extract the zip file to folder to get 2 files – Odin3 v1.85.exe and Odin3.ini. Do not delete the .ini file (the second one) because it’s very much required, too.
  4. Switch Off your phone. Wait for vibration to confirm complete switch off.
  5. Boot your phone in Download Mode — Press and hold VolumeDOWN+HOME+POWER keys together.
  6. Open Odin now by double clicking on Odin3 v1.85.exe file you got in step 3.
  7. Connect your phone to PC now. You’ll notice “Added! !” message in the Odin’s message box in the bottom left.
  8. On Odin, click the PDA tab and select the .tar file you got in step 2 — CF-Root-SGS2_XW_XEU_KE2-v3.7-CWM3.tar.
  9. Make sure “Re-Partition” checkbox is un-ticked. Leave the “Auto Reboot” and “F. Reset Time” checkboxes ticked.
  10. Double check step 8 and step 9. Your Odin’s screen should look like this:Odin Screen Before Flashing Cf-Root
  11. Click the Start button on Odin to flash the CF-Root kernel.
  12. After the CF Root is installed, phone will restart automatically. When the Galaxy S II  logo shows up on phone, you can disconnect the cable from phone. Your Odin’s screen would look like this upon successful flashing:Odin Screen After Flashing Cf-Root
  13. Your phone is rooted now. That surperuser app is there!

A video showcasing the root procedure is on its way, too. So, if you are going to use the Odin for the first time, check out the video before flashing so that you’ve a fair idea of all this.

-_- video coming soon -_-

Removing the Yellow Triangle ‘Flash’ Icon:

If you want to remove that yellow triangle which is a tell-tale sign of flashing done on the phone, flash the XXKG1’s kernel back. Detailed instructions below:

  1. Download the kernel from here. Filename: I9100XXKG1_Kernel.exe.
  2. Double click the above file (enter password: intratech@XDA).
  3. Hit ‘Extract” to extract .tar file — I9100XXKG1_Kernel.tar — right there.
  4. Open Odin3 v1.85.exe
  5. In the PDA Tab, select I9100XXKG1_Kernel.tar file you got in step 3 above.
  6. Keep re-Partition checkbox un-ticked and leave the the “Auto Reboot” and “F. Reset Time” checkboxes ticked.
  7. Hit Start button to flash the XXKG1 kernel.
  8. When the kernel is flashed phone will reboot and that yellow triangle will not be there upon reboot. But your root is still there. That’s it.

About ClockWorkMod recovery:

To boot into ClockworkMod Recovery — power Off your phone completely and then, press and hold (till Galaxy S logo appears): VolumeUP+HOME+POWER. You’ll enter the CWM recovery. You can use this to:

  • Backup your ROMs (which is just great)
  • Restore backed up ROMs  (without it, backup utility makes no sense!)
  • Delete Backups
  • Flash files
  • Flash custom themes

From the CWM app (you get it after you’ve flashed the CF-Root), you can even flash kernels on your phone without even touching Odin. Also, you can boot into recovery directly from CWM app.

Chainfire is one developer we totally respect. If you love his work, which is always timely and very helpful, do donate him — send your PayPal donations to:

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  1. ldx _ says: Reply

    You guys are great.

  2. ldx _ says: Reply

    You guys are great.

  3. theiggy says: Reply

    this means that I’ll loose all data on my phone,all will be erased?so it means that first I have to back up my files with BACK UP PRO apk?

  4. Xrm_it says: Reply

    so good i like this and i even try this and works just fine, super fast phone now!!

  5. Γιώργος Σοφιάκης says: Reply

    how to unroot and go back to phones factory defaults rom ?

    1. Kapil says: Reply

      Flash the Rom again and don’t root this time.

      1. Γιώργος Σοφιάκης says: Reply

        and where am i going to find the factory kernel and other files needed?

        1. Γιώργος Σοφιάκης says: Reply

          Before flashing and rooting i had this from kies (picture)
          now i should download this :
          I9100XWKF3  EXT4.PIT  2.3.3  2011 June CSC = KPNKF2
          or this :
          I9100BGKF3  EXT4.PIT 2.3.3 2011 June  CSC = XECKF3

          1. Kapil says:

            Download the first one that you had from kies from

          2. Γιώργος Σοφιάκης says:

            and i will put this  at ”PDA” box?

          3. Kapil says:

            If you get only one .tar file, put it it PDA tab. But if you get modem and
            csc files too, put them in respective tabs.

          4. Γιώργος Σοφιάκης says:

            how am i going to recognize which one of the 3 is for the right ”box” ?
            are they going to have it at their name? and i want to ask one more question by flashing with this am i going to have my phone as it was when i took it?

          5. Kapil says:

            The name of files will help you in identifying which file is for which tab
            — it’s easy. Download the whole package and you’ll get it once you extract

            Yes it will back to as you purchased it.

          6. Γιώργος Σοφιάκης says:

            thanks for all your help !!!!!

          7. Kapil says:

            You’re welcome! 🙂

  6. Kheng Kim Ch'ng says: Reply

    Hi, what the different between the current root method and “” ??
    Please advice as I a newbie.

  7. Kapil says: Reply

    One and the same. No difference. That page is a hub for all firmwares and
    we’ve takes one for KG1 above. Chainfire is a great developer, hats off to

  8. Kapil says: Reply

    One and the same. No difference. That page is a hub for all firmwares and
    we’ve takes one for KG1 above. Chainfire is a great developer, hats off to

  9. galzxys5570 says: Reply

    did not work on my samsung galaxy mini S5570
    I tried many times 
    but it did not work 
    actually there is no response….
    plz help 

    1. Kapil says: Reply

      It’s not for your phone, dude. Read the post carefully.

  10. Akinakyazici says: Reply

    pASword error ?

  11. Et_kn_eugene says: Reply

    my baseband is I9100XXXKE4.. can i do this update? 

    1. Kapil says: Reply

      Yrs you can.

  12. sgs2 says: Reply

    The colors on my screen look horrible…why did this happen?

    1. Kapil says: Reply

      Which device you tried this on? You sure it was Galaxy S2, i9100 (international version, not any of the various versions in US)?

      For i9100, flash the XXKH3 Gingerbread Android 2.3.4 firmware from here –
      Or (again for i9100) if you want to switch to Ice Cream Sandwich firmware, flash Android 4.0.3 ICS firmware, XXLPQ –

  13. HI, I recently installed android 2.3.4 XXKH3 and my bittery life is really worst… I want to ask if this will extend the battery life. XXKH3 is having a good battery life ?? Should I upgrade to XXKG1 ?? It is any differences between XXKH3 and XXKG1 ???

  14. Tim says: Reply

    how can i put a xperia play in download mode

  15. It aint working, im doing all right, but Odin stops at SetupConnection.. WTF now….

  16. Swaraj says: Reply

    everything went perfectly, i got a PASS from odin and then phone was rebooted but on the place where you get the yellow triangle with the ! mark my phone is stuck there . it wont turn on, the screen is just stuck there!! i can turn the phone off and turn it back on but it doesnt change ! i tried taking the battery out, it doesnt help !! what do i do??

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