Root XXJVQ Android 2.3.4 firmware for Galaxy S i9000 [Installation Guide]


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  • Dmb72

    Tried it as a noob, followed the instructions, took about 40 seconds and now i have a rooted i9000. Thanks for the info!

    • kavitha

      hllo can i talk 2 uu…call me 9640128713

  • Aagromov

    Worked perfectly first time ! thank you very much ! 

  • KlausBreuer

    Um – help?
    I followed your path carefully. Had the correct code name, the works.The reset started okay, but froze at the display of ‘SetupConnection’. After half an hour, I reset the handy……and that’s it. Turning it on now shows twp icons, a telefone and a computer, connected by dotted lines with a triangulaed ‘!’ in it.Anybody know what I could do? Except send it back (although I seriously need this thing)?Greetings from Munich, Germany,Klaus  Breuer

    • Kapil

      Don’t worry. Your phone would be okay… just install the xxjvs or xxjvu firmware on it, any one of them will do good.

      Search this site for any or both them to get download links and installation guide.

      • kavitha

        heeyy can i talk 2 u

  • Ruki

    Thank you!
    Works perfectly !!

    • Kapil


  • Ljudka

    Worked great for me too, same fw and baseband as Haggis, 2.3.3 XXJVQ (last Kies upgrade for italian TIM-branded FW). Thanks!
    Funziona alla grande per 2.3.3 XXJVQ TIM (ultima release dell’aggiornamento tramite Kies). Grazie.

  • The Mad Haggis

    Worked great. Thanks. I was hesitant as my firmware version is 2.3.3 and baseband XXJVQ. I did take out SIM and SD card but no settings were changed or data lost on the phone. The only thing I was slightly confused about was weather I needed to put put ODIN onto phone as well as desktop. I did both just incase.
    All I need to do now is research which appps are not critical to the system.
    Thanks Chainfire.

  • guest

    worked perfectly, thank you

  • Bogdan

    Thank you! This is as easy as can get.

  • Xcr0n

    thank you, this worked perfectly ;)

  • Xcr0n

    thank you, this worked perfectly ;)

  • Eyezaq

    help!!! i try to click the tar file in the pda box but didn’t appear…what shall i do???

    • Kapil

      Read the instructions carefully…. you need to extract the downloaded .zip
      file to get the .tar file which you would put in PDA tab in Odin.

  • A.H.

    Hi. Great installation guide. i’m just concerned about one thing. I’ve been reading on other forums that this rooting process somehow causes bluetooth and 3g problems. Is this true and can someone correct me if i’m wrong. I just want conformation from someone that it works and is bug free.

    Again great guide