Root Galaxy S2 Running on XWLPG Android 4.0 Firmware


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  • Bart vd Biggelaar

    Hey, is there another way to put my S2 with icecream sandwihich without root into download mode?
    when i use the power, menu and volume button i can make a screenshot, but can’t go into download mode? do you have other options to do this?

  • Kezia ♪

    my s2 won’t turn on.. it just displays the Samsung Logo with a warning triangle sign below the logo then shuts down again. HELP? pls.

  • asdas asdasd

    akio reverse to the default firmware using odin like u rooted before…
    it happaned to me also with lpg and i reveresd it and it solved

  • akio

    imy phone stucked after reboot….Display Samsung for whole day. cant even strt or restart after replace bttry

  • akio

    my phone stuck on samsung display… wtf.. it make my phne condamed!

  • Swag…

    Can i install paid apps on play store for free? :))

  • mattias

    This just does not work.
    I get a yellow triangle, but root checker says no immediately.

  • Yasas Wijetilake

    Can I root my phone without installing CWM?

  • Alex

    At which stage you have to add an APP and how when Rooting?

    Thanks for a good instruction
    Regards ALex

    • Kapil

      To root, you don’t need to add an APP. Just follow the guide right from step 1 above and you’ll be fine. After rooting, you can install apps from market/play store as you wish.