Root T-Mobile Galaxy S2 After Ice Cream Sandwich Update [Guide]


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  • chase

    holllly scheisse that took forever. ran into problem after problem with several of the steps but finally got everything up and running. AWESOME!!!

  • CatatonicBug

    I went through the steps and everything seems to have worked, but I still can’t write to the root directory on the phone! Apps like Titanium Backup install and run just fine, but I still cannot paste a file into the root directory on the phone.

  • Frankie

    everything works out just as discribed beatiful job im so proud of myself i got full success lol :) thank you!!

  • Kyle

    I just figured it out, gained an inch myself, thanks!!!

    • Chase

      what did you do to get the serial(COM) port problem to worl

  • Kyle

    Cant download clockworkmod to phone. Odin stops on SetupConnection for about 30s and says FAIL because it cant open the serial(COM) port. What indahayle

  • D

    My penis got bigger after upgarde this root works yesss!!!

  • Deborah

    OK. Just figured out I had to swipe down in CWM to choose “yes” to confirm the install of since it didn’t appear on the initial screen. Duh. Appears to work fine. Seems a tad slower. Will down load titanium backup to weed out some junk apps. Will post again if I note anything else. Thanks!

  • Deborah

    When I select, the confirm screen doesn’t offer a “yes option” only a column of “no’s”, so nothing gets done. Basically still have the stock 4.0 after flashing the recovery.tar.md5 – I had updated an out of the box phone to 4.0, with no customization or sim using Kies before trying the root.

  • nef

    Perfection! Thanks

  • Patrick

    It’s touch recovery; use the touch screen instead of hard buttons. Worked for me that way.

  • JEFF

    Same thing here, boot loop! PLEASE HELP!

  • 4235435

    Same here, CMW goes into a boot loop.

  • sjs

    Same, CMW goes into a loop, shows all the “menu options” such as install from sdcard however, the on/off key which usually chooses the menu option does not work and the main menu here just flashes on and off.

  • randomuser1223

    when i go to install zip from sd card cwm goes into a boot loop and just restarts itself and doesnt let me install the zip please HELP!!!!