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HTC One V Root Guide


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  • bootgmv

    Will this and the links to the files work on the virgin mobile HTC one v it is cdma o and mine says primoc on phone info

  • KAGE

    its working..thankyou

  • B-Witty

    Ya I get the same thing. Phone works fine, but after I root it… the phone displays the HTC one splash screen and says in red text about how this version is supposed to only be used for development purposes, etc… the red text is on the splash screen… it just stays at that point unless I hard reset it

  • htc one v

    every time i go to fastboot and than press the button to root the phone, it takes me to the splash screen with a disclaimer under it in red and it just stays there. it never reboots at all. what to do????

    • http://www.theandroidsoul.com/ Kapil

      Can you show us a pic of that? So that we would more about it to be able to help you.