Root Ice Cream Sandwich on AT&T Galaxy S2 Skyrocket


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  • manuel

    PANAMA Hello friends I am NOT much of this as I am a 17 year old .. MY FUTURE WILL BE A I727 PHONE PURCHASED IN USA AND WANT YOUR INSTALL PROPER ICS .. MY QUESTION IS IN THE CWM recovery intalacion IS BEFORE OR ABOVE PROCEDURES ASER depues KE USE THE ODIN ….. And if the file: SkyrocketCWMrecovery.tar is stored in internal memory or TO AN EXTERNAL SD? APOLOGY FOR NOT KNOW MUCH OF THESE ISSUES AND THANK YOU

  • Bill Hayden

    Like other commenters, I had to install the SuperUser zip 4 times before it actually worked.

  • Papa Dukes

    Awesome! Thanks, guys!

  • Jon

    i successfully installed the cwm tar but cannot boot into recovery mode

  • Omar

    I installed the icecream sandwich rom on Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket and it’s not working. When I click on a contact, the acreen blacks out and phone freezes. Contact’s info shows up on screen after 20 to 30 seconds. I followed the instructions mentioned to install the new Rom. When I choose contacts, the phone goes into a shock and screen blacks out. How can I fix this??

  • Socachi

    I installed superuser on sd card but when I boot into recovery & go to install from sd I choose the file click install it starts the process but ends up installation aborted

  • Wyofish

    one question; explain how to transfer the zip file downloaded to my laptop to the phone’s internal micro-sd card?  I thought I would have to remove it from my phone, install it in the laptop’s card slot. Then copy and paste to the sd card and finally re-install it in the phone,  “The term transfer the file from the laptop/pc to the phone’s internal sd card” is confusing; thank you

    • Kapil

      Oh ok… it’s pretty easy actually. See, use the USB cable that came with your phone. Connect phone to PC/laptop using that cable and the device’s storage (ie internal memory which you have to use) will show up on computer. If it doesn’t, you’ll have an option to enable USB Mount Storage in the notification bar, select that and tap on enable to make phone’s storage mount on PC. Once you see it on PC, simply copy paste the .zip file to phone’s drive (storage/internal memory).

      I think I am extra clear and hope it makes it very easy for you… but in case it doesn’t let me know. Will try to get youa YouTube video or sth, of yes, you can search it on YouTube too.

  • Wyofish

    Hello:  Need help with part II of the above instructions, sorry I am definetly a noob. Step 2 transfer… it best to take the sd card out of the phone plug into pc and cut & paste the zip file?  Did this once and had an error as some others: ” “E:Error in /sdcard/ 0)Installation aborted.”
    I erased all on my sd card and want to start over but I do see the superuser app on the phone already. However, when I go to Rom Manager App, it states the phone must be rooted first so I am guessing it didn’t work. ANy idea how and what I need to do next? details please THANK YOU

    • Kapil

      Simple copy paste should do. Do not use any external sdcard. Transfer it to phone’s internal sdcard. Shouldn’t be a problem. I guess you might have to use the “install zip from internal sdcard” option in pace of “install zip from sdcard”.

  • Matti32

    please help. have had some experience with rooting. after doing the above steps, my phone stays stuck on black screen with samsung horizontally.

  • Franklin Smitty

    Ok I’m new to the whole rooting thing but I followed all the steps above and got a success message when I installed I rebooted and found that I still have the same operating system as before. Nothing changed. What did I do wrong?

    • Kapil

      Rooting doesn’t change your OS or anything, man. It gets you root access to your phone, meaning root-requiring apps will now be able to work with extra privileges. You must have got a new app, called Superuser, which basically helps you manage which apps get root when.

  • Vasily Bender

    Finally! It WORKED! Thank you very much! 

  • Ilovedroid

    Guys same thing happened to me. I put it on my sd card and not internal and I tried literally 4 times and it worked. I got an error at first ran it again and noticed one more extra line (extra files copied). Ran it 2 more times and it succeeded. Give that a try. Good luck

  • Mkodysz

    Everything worked but superuser.  All it does is install there application but gives you now root access. 

    • Mkodysz

       NO* Root Access.  Explain?

  • Cristianramos29

    When attempting to load the, I get an erro

  • Chip Smith

    When attempting to load the, I get an error: 

    “E:Error in /sdcard/ 0)Installation aborted.”

    Any idea on how to fix this?

    • trey

      I’m also getting the same message, I have tried several times but I get the same error.  Hope there is a fix to this.

      • HaCkTh3AnDr1od

         Ignore, reboot and install. The Author has an extra update-script in the command folder or go and delete the update-script~ from the archive. Problem solved.

        • Chip Smith

          That worked. Thanks so much!

        • Vascro

          How do I delete the update script from the archive?

        • Wyofish

          I have the same issue; can you explain in detail  your instructions on deleting update script from archive please; thanks!

  • Mcgragger

    Is there a similar method for the i777 which leaked today?