Root Galaxy S Blaze 4G with Odin


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  • Alfredo

    The PIT link doesn’t work. Is there somewhere else I can get it from?

  • Sarge

    Thanks so much!

  • khan

    does any one knows how to root the galaxy s blaze 4G on 4.0.1 cause i cant put the phone on download mode even following procuders,let me knw please

  • khay

    i would like to know?? if you have rooted galaxy s blaze 4G would you still be able to update firmware currantly using 4.0.4,thanks

  • Dabo Ross

    I think I did something wrong… After following these steps on the galaxy S blaze, My phone refuses to boot… It has the loading bar go all the way up to full, then stops…

    • Cesar D. Mejia Bacuzzi

      I just tried rooting the phone for my brother today and I’m getting the same result. I have rooted my Archos G9 tablet, a HTC MyTouch 4g, and my Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4g successfully without any issues, and this phone’s root procedure almost seemed too easy, well I guess it is because it didn’t work. Maybe the devs need to make the procedure a little tougher so the tech gods count us worthy of root. I’m downloading the stock rom now to flash back to stock and hope the phone works.

      • Dabo Ross

        BTW, I fixed my error by installing cyanogenmod

        • roger

          how did you install cyanogenmod???? I got the same problem in the same type of phone.

  • lokut

    Works perfectly thanks

  • Scott P

    A few simple tasks and my phone was rooted….after reading these easy to follow instructions!! Thank u

  • Scott P

    Super easy, less alil minor confusion setting the Blaze into Download Mode. After Googling it, I quickly learned that the phone should already have debugging checked, then power turned off, and plugged usb to desktop. Note that sometimes takes a few tries to get the phone into Download Mode. Thank you for the easy instructions!

  • Lonny D

    All went well except. Added!!
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:20)..
    File analysis..

    Odin v.3 engine (ID:20)..

    File analysis..

    Then nothing happens. I waited for 15 minutes and nothing. I then diconected the phone and recived the following message:

    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

    I did this procedures twice with the same results each time.

    • Scott P

      I know this response is late but are u sure the phone was actually in Download Mode? And I’m certain u already knew the instructions were specific to the Samsung SGH-T769, right?