Root Galaxy Note 2 on Android 4.3 firmware, also removes KNOX


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  • hyper matter

    I’m stuck at Failed Odin message step 9. I tried removing battery but still failed. Please help.
    Why are we flashing the bootloader in the PDA rather than the bootloader button?

  • lulaay

    My note 2 build number is XXUEML3 is the same step to downgrade 4.1.2 is same? Plz reply me I want to downgrade

  • Atlantisarch

    “If you see FAIL message instead of the PASS in Odin’s top left box, that a problem.”
    O, RLY ? Damn fucking new geeks, why did I listen to those pages around… Stuck with a phone with no knox counter but impossible to recover even with kies. Guess I gonna contact samsung for warranty now, yeah great.

    • Anymouse

      I got this problem too! How to fix it?! HELP!!!

      • hyper matter

        Did you manage to find a solution?

  • Mark

    I would just like to confirm that this is only for N7100XXUEMJ5? Please let me know. Thank You!

  • Tinjala Daniel Dumitru

    Every time after loading MJ5BLPatch.tar.md5, odin show me “FAIL” in the top left and even if i try the way that you suggest, there is nothing to do. He give me “Fail” everytime. What you think i have to do?

    • Tinjala Daniel Dumitru

      …and after “FAIL” message, i must reinstall the OS, because immediately after I turn on the phone, he doesn’t run. I say that because of an error you need to restore your firmware. Does not go into recovery mode and sometimes yes and sometimes not, I can get into download mode and then connecting it with odin do I have to restore the OS. In a few words, the message FAIL = absolute necessity to restore the OS then. It is not that this error should be to alter the bootloader that then I’m not start the OS. The data are first saved on the phone, but the phone does not start anymore. Thank you in advance that he will be able to find and fix this problem. Thank you;)

  • naveen

    hai sir when I tried this metod, after loading MJ5BLPATCH.TAR.MD5 to odin every time it shows fail message.and at the top left side of my phone it shows unsupported version plz help me .

  • fqdelapanlima cl

    thanks bro. my WiFi can use now. two thumbs 4 u :)

  • Mustansir

    hello Kapil and friends,
    I didnt know about the stupid Knox update and have got the note 2 updated to latest 4.3 n7100xxuemk4, after hich i tried traditional method of rooting which got knox warrnty void, I had to flash phone with latest 4.3 firmware again, did not reset knox, I have managed to root my phone using Kingo root tool and checked it does not increase knox count, however SU is installed. now I want to install custom rom could you please tell me if it is possibe as i do not have custom recovery installed, and guess bootloader is still locked,
    please help me with the steps to install custom rom on knox enabled note 2

  • Yan naing win

    please help me someone!i upgraded my note 2 to andriod XXUEMJ5 via mobile odin apk,After upgrading,my phone cannot open the i’m so disappointed.What can i do?i’m also cannot downgrade to 4.1.Odin show me,fail!!! Can i use above wifi fix md5 for my wifi problem?Sorry for my stupid english…:(

  • Naseem Toumeh

    don’t put anything u are not sure about it

  • Fahd

    hi can this method work for base band version N7100DDEMJ9? plz help me out in rooting.

  • Dwarak

    Now that Android 4.3 was released as an OTA update will this procedure work for that as well?

    • Balraj Singh

      hello guys i had updated my note 2 N7100 to 4.3 a few days back but now wanna root it n had tried many ways but all fail , hv tried through odin but when connected it doesnt show added but when i tried keeping the phoone on the odin shows added can n e 1 help pls…as wanna root thanks

  • Anas

    Not working Bro.
    KNox is still not blocked

  • Noos

    Hello Kapil. Hello Everyone.

    Thanks for the tutorial. I’ve tried a few other methods offered on Youtube and on various websites, but none can give me root access. I’m a newbie.

    Following your tutorial step-by-step, I got pass the WIFI RECOVERY stage and everything works well. However, I couldn’t access RECOVERY MODE like I did in the past. Holding down VOLUME +, HOME, and POWER button would just give me a flashing screen of “GALAXY NOTE 2 GT-N71000″, which the texts themselves splitting in two halves of the screen.

    What can be done? Any suggestion helpful would be greatly appreciated.


    • Reggie

      Tried to power off the device. Removed the battery. Put the battery back in. Hold VOL+, HOME, and POWER.

      Same result as above.

      • Kapil

        I will try to find the solution for you… and will get back to you.. :)

        • Reggie

          Thank you, Kapil. Much appreciated. :-)

          • Reggie

            Does anyone have the same problem as I do? Is there a solution to this? Much appreciated if anyone can offer an effective solution.

          • Kapil

            Recovery must have got corrupted… you know, you can start fresh. Install the N7100XXUEMJ5 firmware (find the link above, right before warning section) and then, follow this guide to root N7100XXUEMJ5 firmware and remove KNOX again.

            When you install the N7100XXUEMJ5 firmware, you should be able to boot into recovery mode. And you’ll get KNOX too. So, do that and let me know.

            And very sorry for delay in reply.

          • Reggie

            Status: Solved.

            Hi Kapil. Thanks for your help. I re-downloaded N7100XXUEMJ5 and reinstalled it, as you suggested.

            Accessing the RECOVERY MODE was tricky (but doable). This is what I experienced:

            1. RECOVERY MODE won’t come simply by holding down the three buttons (VOL +, HOME, and POWER). For me, I had to hold all three buttons down for about 4-6 flashing cycles (roughly around 30 seconds), then release them simultaneously. More often than not, it will just reboot the device.

            When I got lucky, the screen will keep dark for a long while (10 secs, perhaps) then it will load into the RECOVERY MODE.

            Don’t know why, but it worked. Now, I’m a proud owner of a rooted android 4.3.

            Thank you so much.

        • Reggie

          Hi Kapil. Do we have any solution yet?

    • vikram

      flash CWM RECOVERY (just a try not sure) heres the link……

      • Reggie

        Hi vikram.

        Sorry that I missed your message. Thanks for your suggestion. I did re-flash the CWM RECOVERY and it worked.

        Thanks a bunch.

    • intezar

      try CF auto root gt n7100 tar md5
      when done it thn
      go back again downloading mode
      via odin and try touch phillz 5.15.0 tar md5 once u have done it ur device completly rooted ..But remember if u have KNOX app on ur 4.3 root complete done but doesn’t work thnx

  • me

    what will this do to my “knox warranty flag”?
    does the N7100 has the eFuse as well? will rooting void the warranty?
    will it stop me from doing future upgrades?

    • Kapil

      It should reset the KNOX, but that’s not guaranteed.
      eFuse isn’t confirmed, yet, but it looks like it is there. Yes, it’s very risky. Don’t do this if you care a lot about warranty.
      Maybe updates will be blocked. But you can always upgrade using Odin, forever.

  • Lizzam

    It’s not working on my n7100. the last part, after rebooting after using Multitool, SuperSU just launched as a background process before i could update it. and even if i get to the play store in time (before super Su launches), there are no updates in my play store. that’s the part where my rooting does not work.

    and i can still see Knox in the All tab of the Settings>Applications.

    • David Madden

      same here with the SU part.Come on Kapil please.Iv tried all morning on this and failed :(

  • vikram

    its not workin…….i tried it 4 times.knox is still ter wen the phone reboots aftr evrythin….

    • Kapil

      Which part of the two isn’t working, first?

      • vikram

        gone thru the 1st part wer i flashed KNOX-disabled bootloader and the wifi wasnt working as mentioned, then flashed wifi patch, aftr tat it was working but but it simply fails to root with this DrKetan_MultiTool_Advance. simply cannot kill knox wit tis method. its ter al the time. i then tried to delet it entering into the system files by choosing aroma file manager in the DrKetan_MultiTool_Advance.failed again …:( gone back to 4.1.2 but my phone fails to detect im stuck wit tis non rootable N7100XXUEMJ5. pls help
        thanks in advance…..

        • Kapil

          Wait.. don’t worry, I will get you a solution. But you got to wait. I will reply here once I get the solution or what’s wrong with the method above. Give me some 2-3 hrs for this, as I am not free right now.

          • David Madden

            Yes please.i am the same.get as far as everything until the final reboot and it says supersu problem before i even get to go to play and try update.

          • Kapil

            Please give me some time to look into it. it should have worked flawlessly but let’s see. Will revert asap, could take couple of hours though. Pls be patient-er!

          • David Madden

            Thanks man.Appreciate all your work and effort

          • David Madden

            Im having major issue now.for some reason I went into root explorer and deleted the supersu and now when I try to restore my phone or try and of the above CWM recovery is not coming up.its just ordinary Android Recovery.Also tried doing Emergency Firmware REcovery using Kies and its looking for an Emergency Recovery Code which I don’t have.oops major probs

          • vikram

            huff…. finally i managed to root tis N7100XXUEMJ5…..DrKetan_MultiTool_AdvanceV2 was the problem i guess. i tried version 5 which is DrKetan_MultiTool_AdvanceV5 and everythings fine……thanks for replying tho @kapil……and for al those who wants to try DrKetan_MultiTool_AdvanceV5 heres the link…


          • Kapil

            Sorry manz didn’t reply you back. I had to check that only, yes only that, but couldn’t find spare time for that. Thnx for pointing it out, I’ll be sure to update the article with it.

  • Wayne Tempel