How to Root Captivate Glide using Odin (Both AT&T and Rogers Devices)


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  • Aks

    links down for rooter rom

  • Sherry

    It won’t let me download the rooted rom????

  • littlebiggiant

    i cant get mine into download mode someone please help. Im 2.3.5 rogers

  • FDR

    Can i have firmware 2.3.5 Roger

  • Ali Ladak

    it says pass in odin3 on my computer but when i downloaded Titanium Backup it said: root acess failed. HELP

    • Ali Ladak

      it also said please verify it has Buzy Box

  • Melvatron

    Yep. Works. First attempt. Manual download of ‘superuser’ required from the market, otherwise hassle free.

  • Paul Tessman

    Stuck on step 7.  Been holding volume up for 5 minutes now.  No options screen.

    • Kapil

      I guess, you got to hold Volume Up button and then press Power Button (keep holding Vol Up). You should get options screen then.

      Try it and let me know, I’ll edit the post above.

  • Will Riddle

    OK, worked after a reboot.. and no lost data!

  • Will Riddle

    I did these steps but when I got titanium it said it could not acquire root privileges.u00a0 In addition, my phone looked the same when I booted it back up.u00a0u00a0u00a0 Is that normal?

  • OptimusNext

    How safe is this? I have the AT&T version unlocked with Carrier IQ running according to some apps I ran. The only reason I want to root the phone is because of Carrier IQ so I can install some freezing software or the custom ROM mentioned above. Has anyone bricked the phone yet? Mine got imported from the US. What steps should I take before going ahead? My phone is 4 days old and there is nothing I want to back up….

    • Kapil

      Hey there! Carrier IQ is a bad thing but don’t over react to it. It’s okay if it’s installed on your phone. It’ won’t harm you. Anyway, you can root your Captivate Glide using the gudie above and then search the android market for an app — — and maybe that allows you to remove CIQ too on rooted phone.

      • OptimusNext

        Thanks! Upon further investigation, it turns out the software is either not on my device or it is not active. I tried Carrier Lookout Detector by Lookout Labs and Carrier IQ Scanner by Trand Macro, BitDefender Carrier IQ Finder and they all returned negative for Carrier IQ. One other app however, CarrierIQ Spy said the software has been found on my device but “not running at this time”.

        • Kapil

          Oh ok. Good thing it is.

        • OptimusNext

          Sorry, I meant Carrier IQ Detector by Lookout Labs

  • Edward Theodore

    Worked fine after I figured out that I needed to unpack the image tar.bz2 file and then unpack the tar file to reveal another tar file.  Thanks for the hard work.

    • Stupid

      I can’t figure out how to do this.

  • Doode2011

    i’ve been following the xda forum since you guys started it from day one. I’ve been trying to root(no pun intended) for all your success in finding out hwo to actually root it. I couldn’t really help cos I dont have an XDA account, nor have the phone. Just got the phone (it failed 2 times, and i redownloaded the file and it worked.) It says “PASS!” at the top left screen though. Quick question, in rooting my HTC Desire HD, I had gotten superuser, but not this time around, is that normal or no?

    • Kapil

      Hmm, search for “superuser” in market and install from there. Let us know whether Titanium Backup works after that or not.

      • Doode2011

        well, turns out, this guide didn’t really help ): Tried 4 times after this one, and still nothing, titanium backup says root access was failed and I keep trying but no avail. I even tried the Boot2.tar but still nothing ):

        • Doode2011

          update, got superuser from marketplace, root is a success :D thank you guys for all your help, and you have one confirmed test here :D

          • Kapil

            Ohh, cool then. I got panicked for sometime. Anyway, thanks to awesome dev team who worked it out.