Root Asus Transformer Prime easily with viperMOD Primer v1 tool!!!


Transformer Prime owners now have another one-click root/unroot solution, this time, Windows-based. And yes, there’s a Linux version in the pipeline too. The Primer V1 tool come to us courtesy XDA developer -viperboy-.
viperMOD Primer v1 is a one-click rooting/unrooting tool which automates rooting and unrooting in just one simple command script, based on the NachoRoot exploit created by jcase & TeamAndIRC.

Disclaimer: The methods and procedures described here are considered risky, and you are advised to go ahead and try these steps, only, and only, if you know exactly what you’re doing. We, or the developer, are not responsible for any untoward damage that may be caused to you or your device. You have been forewarned!!!!

Download the viperMOD Primer v1 tool here

The tool downloads the latest version of the NachoRoot exploit every time you run it. It also includes the necessary drivers as well as the required ADB scripts; so you don’t have to power up a new adb shell and tinker with command line code 🙂 In short, this is a nice, simple & “new user”-friendly rooting tool.

Usage is pretty straight forward; just follow the steps below

  1. Download the viperMOD Primer v1 tool (Link provided above)
  2. Extract the zip file.
  3. Install the drivers from the “Drivers for Transformer Prime” folder
  4. Connect your Transformer Prime to PC via USB cable
  5. Run the viperMOD Primer Tool.exe file & select the option you want
  6. That’s it. You’re done!! Enjoy your rooted, or unrooted Prime  🙂

You can find updates and read comments by other users of the viperMOD Primer v1 tool in the development thread on XDA.

In the event, you have any questions, do let us know in comments below, and we’ll be happy to try to answer them for you.

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  1. Jasoncocinero says: Reply

    I’ve followed the steps exactly probably 15 times now and it ends up asking for the guid and Id are showing 0 — or something of that nature and I try and open Titanium backup which requires root and it says it isn’t rooted yet.  Any ideas?  I’ve deleted the drivers and updated them a couple of times as well as just using the drivers Win 7 gives me.  It’s still not rooted.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

  2. Madhav says: Reply

    Sorry to hear that…The version just got updated…try the latest vrsion of the tool and let us know if you’re still stuck

    1. Jasoncocinero says: Reply

      scary.  I used the new tool and when it booted up– it began to crash.  It said, unexpected crash and then it would reboot and it kept cycling through without ever stabalizing.  I’m glad you installed the unexploited portion.  That saved it from what appeared to be bricking.  So, still unrooted.  Not sure what I’m doing different.  Should the setting MTP be clicked or PTP under settings–>storage?  I’ve used MTP.  I have USB debbugging clicked as well.  Not sure what I should do next.

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