Restore Verizon Galaxy S3 to Samsung Pre-rooted ROM!


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  • nady

    I get a black screen after the Samsung screen no booting at all please help already wipe cache

  • Christopher Holmes

    I install clockwork mod on my galaxy s3 phone and when turn the phone on it goes directly into boot recovery mode when it does that it just show a yellow ! inside a yellow triangle it is not supported by your verizon go take it to the nearest verizon store. how do i uninstall clockworkmod on verizon galaxy s3.

  • Ryan Wheaton

    I followed every step and got the PASS screen but my phone only boots to a yellow triangle and say go to the nearest Verizon store. :( Any suggestions

  • Ronnie Cotter

    my phone is suck on the Samsung logo and cant get it off there..

    • Kapil

      You got PASS message in Odin, right? If you got PASS message in green in Odin, that means flashing was successful.

      But if it still isn’t booting even after 15 mins, do this: remove battery for 8-9 seconds and then place it back. Now boot to recovery mode by holding Volume Up, Power and Home keys together till you see Samsung logo on screen.

      Once in recovery mode, do a factory reset.

      Then, restart the device, it should boot up fine.

  • psycdoc

    Is there a a way to get the corporate email application that was taken out? I really liked it

  • Daaaaaaave

    Thank you so much! This literally saved me. It worked perfect!!

  • steve

    just shows the logo then black screen’s

  • steve

    phone doesn’t even start after this….

  • Austin Williams

    I tried using this to fix the “This is an unauthorized version of Android, please go to your nearest Verizon store for help”. Everything looks to run in Odin without issue, but I still cannot get past this screen or boot into recovery. Anyone else experience this?

  • Phillip

    I flashed this over my rooted build to get back to stock but it does nothing :/
    Sat through the long process and my phone restarted with my pattern lock still enabled.
    My phone is still rooted as well as all my apps still installed. Its as if it did nothing.

  • kulahpac

    I flashed to CM9 and now I am trying to flash back with ODIN but its not working. Any ideas?

  • Matt

    I’m getting the same message and don’t know how to fix it either.

  • Quadman

    I get the following
    error after restart “Unfortunately messaging has stopped”. Any ideas on how to fix
    this or where I can get the message .apk?