Restore Epic 4G Touch With Pre-Rooted Stock Gingerbread Firmware — EL29


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  • ginger_b

    Thank y0u so much! it worked, no problems.

  • Brewin

    I’m trying to roll back to gingerbread but my phone keeps locking up when it gets to modem.bin. I have re-downloaded the firmware but still stops. Any thoughts?

  • ellsbel

    I AM THRILLED!!! YAY!!! My husband’s phone was 4 days old when the ICS update all but made him throw his phone off of our balcony. Every 30 seconds a beeping sound and “voltage too high” warning almost made us lose our minds! Sprint and Samsung have spent the last month pointing the finger at each other for whom may be responsible for the faulty update. Just restored it by following the step by step instructions above and it is back to original Gingerbread OS. So happy…you have no idea. Disgusted with our new carrier but so glad his $600 phone does not need to be thrown in thw garbage…woohoo!.!.!.!.!.

    • albundyhere

      that doesn’t make any sense. why would you keep the phone and service? you legally have 14 days to return for a complete refund and walk away.

    • Amber

      Hey, i was wondering . im trying to attempt to do this to my phone. && i was wondering how long does the screen stay with the android symbol and dowloading … Do no turn off target?

  • Arron Chase

    Will this safely avoid the mmc bug when it formats from the official update? Want GB back for now :(

  • ImporTuner

    This procedure worked perfectly! ICS on my Epic 4G Touch created major problems with Foxfi, I can no longer wait for them to release a fix. Everything’s back to normal now! Thanks!!

  • teerone2008

    I just did a full restore. I rolled back to gigerbread from ics on my first try. Iam so happy. no problems what so ever. thanks a trillion!

  • Aaron Gamez

    When i run Odin it runs its coarse and i get a pass when i check my phone us still on IML74K.fd05 what did i do wrong please help i hate this rom :(

  • Haneesh

    How is the GPS with this flavor?

  • Epic4GTStraighttalk

    Thanks PASS!!!
    The ICS is suck can not manage the apn, unstable, back to stabil gingerbread!!!

  • Level27xrock

    Everytime I get to about 98% done, in odin it says it is writing the ” data.img” it never gets passed this point, and just gets stuck there :( I’ve tried this about 5 times now and gets stuck in the same spot, and never finishes. Any help?

    • Kapil

      Re-download the firmware and then try again.