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Hey Redditors, good news! A new Reddit app has launched in the Market tailored specifically for Android tablets, say Honeycomb. Yes it took so long for one to come — blame the slow development of apps for Android tablets. Phew! But anyway we now have one for Reddit and it’s really good, thanks David Simkin.

Here’s what you can do on Reddit with this app:

  • Read all your favorite subreddits, comment on links and upvote and downvote stories.
  • Check and reply to your mail.
  • Customizable notifications to always stay on top of your messages.
  • View profiles.
  • Check your friends, send them messages and see their posts highlighted in your feed.
  • Optional detailed view, view the number of up votes and down votes comments and stories have received.
  • Pin your favorite subedits for easy access
  • Save links which catch your eye and view them later.
  • Search and sort your feed.
  • Never ending Reddit, keep scrolling and your feed will load automatically!
  • Share links and news with your friends, and easily switch between the website and the app!

There are two versions available of Reddita on the market — Reddita Free [Ad-supported] & Reddita (Ad-free) [PAID – No Ads]. Download links below:

[button link=”” icon=”arrow” style=””]Download Reddita (Ad-free)[/button]        [button link=”” icon=”arrow” style=””]Download Reddita Free)[/button]


Reddit Android App for Android Tablets

Reddita Android App

Reddit App for Honeycomb

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