Recovery ROM for Bricked Samsung Galaxy Player YP-G70


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The Samsung Galaxy Player is Android’s answer to the iPod Touch, which has been ruling the touch-based media player kingdom over the years. For the most part,  it is a Galaxy S or T-Mobile Vibrant with a larger screen, but without the phone module 🙂 And it runs on Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread.

All said, it is an Android device at heart, which means that you can do with it, pretty much the same as you can, with any other Android device–which is rooting, applying custom ROMs, applying mods, tweaks and themes & installing apps from the Market. This also means that there is risk, as is the case with flashing on any Android device, of going wrong somewhere, and bricking the device (Haven’t we all gone through that at some point or the other??)

XDA Member rumirand has released a full stock ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Player, model number YP-G70 8G INTERNATIONAL version, which can be used to recover the device to its stock state. So if you’ve been holding yourself back from trying out those custom ROMs for fear of bricking your device, you have a solution now! You can visit the original thread here.

The steps and methods included in this guide are considered risky. Please do not attempt to try this unless you know exactly what you are doing, as it may render your device unusable, and your pocket lighter by the amount it takes to replace it. You have been forewarned!!!

This ROM is compatible only and only with the Samsung Galaxy Player, model number YP-G70 8G INTERNATIONAL version. Please do not attempt to flash it on any other device. We are not responsible for any damage that may be caused to your device.

Pre-Installation Requirements

Samsung USB Drivers installed on your PC. You can download them HERE

If you are using KIES, turn it off. KIES & ODIN don’t  get along very well 🙂

Installation Guide

  1. Download the Stock ROM and Pit file from the links above to your computer, and move them to Desktop. (This is just so that its easier to remember the location when we use ODIN later)
  2. Install the Samsung USB drivers. After installation, reboot your computer
  3. Now Launch Odin 1.82.exe
  4. Click the PDA button, and select the ROM file G70-recovery.tar.rar from your desktop. (If you cannot select it, extract it in the same location and then try, you should be able to select it now in ODIN)
  5. Click the PIT button, and select the PIT file G70-GalaxyPlayer5.0-8gig-Inter_model_2.3.5.pit  from your desktop.
  6. Now this step is extremely important! Make sure that the following boxes are checked in the left section of Odin
    • Repartition
    • Auto Reboot ( This would be checked by default)
    • F. Reset Time ( This would be checked by default)
    • Phone Bootloader Update
  7. Now that Odin is all set up, power off your device and put it into Download mode. (Turn off device & then Press Volume Down + Power for a second until a yellow triangle appears. You should see the text “Downloading…” beneath it)
  8. Connect the device to your computer via USB cable
  9. Now you should see one of the COM port boxes to the left turn Yellow, and display a COM port number. This means that Odin has picked up your device. See screenshot below
  10. Click the Start button. This will start the Flashing process.
  11. Wait for the flash to complete. Once it  has finished successfully the box above the yellow COM port should turn Green,  with a “Pass” message. See screenshot below
  12. Let the device reboot.

Congratulations!!! You just revived your Galaxy Player from a bricked state to stock 🙂  So be careful when you flash that custom ROM next time, and if you or any of your friends ever come across a situation like this again, you know which guide to refer to 😉  You can share your thoughts, comments and roadblocks you face, in comments below, and we’d be glad to try and help out.

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  1. Boogiloushou says: Reply

    Followed this precisely  – now my device is bricked. Sweet.

    1. Tim says: Reply

      This crap guide is everywhere.  First of all, most of the guides list the wrong file for the ROM, they relink to the USB drivers.  Second, when you unpack the file (if you can find it, it’s shut down due to volume) it becomes 8 gig!  My device doesn’t even hold that much.  Third, where the hell is the bootloader?  That should be separate, right?  Odin has a spot for the bootloader but these instructions don’t provide the file.  Suspicious as all get out.  These “unique” “guides” seemed designed to wreck things.

      1. Yair Ogen says: Reply

        Any luck unbricking the phone? I have the US model.

        1. jc says: Reply

          i found the ROM STOCK FOR US MODEL

  2. Adam says: Reply

    Followed this to. Mine bricked to. Doesn’t do anything, no light on screen, can’t connect, really just a brick. Can I do anything ?

    1. Kapil says: Reply

      What did you get on Odin? Like, was the process a Success, or you got Fail or anything? Did you precisely follow the process above?

  3. Joao_uller says: Reply

    my galaxy yp-g70 bricked to… light, no sign of life…..what can i do about it???

  4. Ak says: Reply

    same here after doing everything no sign of life…….dammmmmmmmmmm

  5. Leonardouller says: Reply


  6. Leonardouller says: Reply

    Somebody can tell me how much is to fix it?

  7. Followed the instruction to the letter and bricked the device. Then followed this to get to the download mode again. Then flashed bootloader in odin. Success! 

    I have a windows 7/Ubuntu dual boot laptop. No need to install virtualbox. The key here is to get to the download mode again. You need to unbrick the device in Linux and then reboot to the windows 7 and flash the bootloader in Odin. You don’t need to unplug the player.

  8. Leonardouller says: Reply

    samhook…i have a doubt…i used the unbrickable, my pc recognize the download mode but in my device, the triangle doesn’t apear…is it normal???

  9. Shimmy says: Reply

    I have the US version, anyone knows of a ROM for it?

  10. Kwh3045 says: Reply

    I want to, have to download that ROM file.

    But I can’t seem to find it to download the file!!

    Who could anybody send ROM file to me??  (This is so serious..)
    Plz help me!!!

    and my e-mail account is,

  11. Yd_47 says: Reply

    can your shared  G70-recovery.tar.rar ?????thanks

  12. AFLDKJ says: Reply

    Wtf where is the Rom?!?

    1. Kapil says: Reply

      We are in the process of publishing a new guide on this. That will help you a lot. Btw, this upcoming guide is meant for international galaxy player (one with home button as hard key), and doesn’t work well on US galaxy player.

      Check back in a day, although it should be live in like 4-5 hrs.

  13. Daniel Cabral says: Reply

    Unfortunately the US version is impossible to find. I had to install the international version realizing my buttons did not work. But the solution was Entropy’s firmware or drivers… some name like that to get my buttons working again.

    1. Yair Ogen says: Reply

      Hi, i have the same problem. Buttons don’t work and I am stuck on system recovery mode. How did you overcome this?

  14. jc says: Reply

    Have the link? for the INTERNATIONAL VERTION!! IPLEASe!

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