Razr Utility Helps You With Root, CWM Clockworkmod Recovery, etc. on Your Motorola Razr and Droid Razr

Not long ago, we shared a Kindle Fire utility tool with you which would do all sort of tweaking and flashing for you, whether it be fastboot stuff, root, clockworkmod recovery, ADB, factory reset, etc. Now, thanks to Mattlgroff over at XDA, we have a similar (in fact, even more robust) tool available for Motorola best phone right now, the Razr — and it’s compatible with both CDMA (XT912 | Verizon) and GSM (XT910 | Global) Versions.

To get a grasp of what this Razr utility tool is capable of, check out the screenshot at the top which lists out all available options and functions of this tool for Motorola Razr. Both phones have two version of this toll: Lite and Full. While Lite version will root your Razr, install clockworkmod (CWM) recovery and help you with fastboot and ADB stuff, Full version of this tool will also help you restore the phone back to original factory settings void of root, clockworkmod recovery, your apps and other data, etc.

CDMA Razr Utility

We would suggest you to use the very small sized Lite version of this tool, unless you want the firmware packed into it too. Btw, the firmware version in Full version of this tool is:

  1. For Verizon’s Motorola Droid Razr, XT912: 6.11.744
  2. For Global GSM Motorola Razr, XT910: 651.73.30

Motorola Droid Razr, XT912, at Verizon

  1. Lite version – 8.63 MB
  2. Full version – 1.04 GB (includes an official firmware – 6.11.744)

Motorola Razr, XT910, Globally Available

  1. Lite version – 4.48 MB
  2. Full version – 685 MB (includes an official firmware – 651.73.30)

Official Development Page [Be sure check this for latest version available for download (with latest features). The above download links are as of Feb 9, 2012.]

There is only one difference between capabilities of Razr utility tool for CDMA Verizon version and GSM global version, the former has two recovery apps available for flashing recovery, bootstrap recovery app and safestrap recovery app, while the latter has only one, bootstrap recovery app, all of which is okay.

If you get any problem with download links and using the Razr utility tool, do let us know in comments below. Also, share your thoughts too on this till below. You can get more help, user views and comments, etc on the official development page above.

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  1. Ray of Perth says: Reply

    Why is it we can get one click tools for all sorts of tablets and phones  but not for the number one Android phone, the Galaxy S GTi9000?? If it’s so easy to root etc these phones, why is no-one offering to do it for you on a drop in and pick up later basis??? Surely these “experts” who keep saying how easy it is to root this phone are capable of offering this service to other “non-technical” people for a fee, I am sure many many people would be happy to pay for this service! C’mon entrepeneurs out there, start something and make yourself some bucks, and help a lot of Android users get more joy and less frustration from their Android phones!!

  2. Sleppys says: Reply

    File not there

    1. Kapil says: Reply

      Just checked, links are working. Btw, you can go to official development page linked there and get more info and links about this.

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