PSA: Google Now can now calculate distance you travel!

There isn’t any doubt that Google Now and its way of providing information cards based on our habits automatically is quite useful, and recently Google updated it with the ability to show news updates, nearby photo spots, Gmail support, and more. However, there’s another hidden feature that Google forgot to tell anyone about – Google Now now counts even the distance you travel each month!

A few users on the XDA forums have uploaded screenshots of Google Now telling them how much distance they¬†traveled, particularly in September and October, which means that the feature was added to Google Now before the latest update. Both the walking and cycling distance covered is shown (even though one user claims that he doesn’t own a bicycle), based on our location data that is periodically sent to Google, either through GPS or cellular networks.

So there you have it. Google already knew more stuff about you than you yourself did, and now it is going to help you see and keep track of the walking/cycling that you do each month. Whether everyone likes the fact that Google is now tracking them to this extent though, remains to be seen.

But hey, I like it!