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Porting of CM9 for One S Begins! We Hope Somebody Got the One X Covered Too!


It’s only been a few days since the HTC One S hit the market, and the developers in the custom Android development community are already hard at work, as the porting of Cyanogenmod, the granddaddy of all custom ROMs, has begun for the One S. That’s right, very soon you’ll be able to run CM9 on your One S, which will bring better customization and performance, boosting the One S’ already good software.

XDA modder xkonni has released a test version of the ROM as a teaser. Now, the port is in a very early stage right now, as the ROM only boots up and lets you use the launcher at this point, nothing else is working. But we’re pretty sure more and more stuff will start working pretty soon as the development goes on.

We’ll be covering a full step-by-step guide to install CM9 on your One S as and when the ROM is actually usable, but in case you really can’t resist and want to try the test version of the ROM, head over to the original development page on XDA to give it a try, as well as to find more information on it. Do let us know your thoughts on this, in the comments below. Here’s hoping someone is working to get CM9 on the quad-core HTC One X as well!

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