Play Store Hack Lets You Use All Google Play Services Even In Restricted Regions!


Google Play, formerly known as the Android Market, is an all-in-one stop for apps and games as well as books (and magazines), movies/TV shows and music. However, except for a few countries, only apps and games are accessible to users, which has always been a disappointment for many as Google refuses to provide access to all the content to more countries/markets. This is contrary to Apple’s App Store, which lets most of the markets enjoy all the content available on it.

However, in case you have a rooted phone, you can now access all the content available on Google Play – books, music and movies – thanks to a hack by XDA Senior Member kishankpadiyar, which involves changing a few things on the phone to fool the Play Store into thinking that your phone is tied to a carrier in the US, where all the content is available. The hack requires you to be on Play Store version 3.7.11 or 3.7.13 (the latter of which you can grab from here).

So go ahead to the official instructions page on XDA, follow the necessary steps, and you’ll be enjoying all the Google Play content on your Android device in no time. Let us know how it works!

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6 Responses

  1. says:

    works like a charm!!!!!
    thank you guys….

  2. spursboytim says:

    works but cant purchase anything without an american credit card

  3. Rosa says:

    Didn’t work for my Samsung Galaxy S4, i9500. Bought it in China and still trying to figure out how to get Google Play working on it. Any suggestions please help!

  4. asafirah says:

    Fuck you bitch

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