Google Play Store 7.7.31 APK Download

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Update [April 20, 2017]: Google Play store just received another update with version 7.7.31. While we couldn’t spot any visual changes in the new Play store, we’re digging in code for new. Meanwhile, you can grab the latest Play Store APK file from the download link below and install it your device.

Update [April 14, 2017]: Google just rolled out another new version of the Play Store today. Labeled as 7.717, this one is an update over 7.7.09 version. Download link for Play Store 7.7.19 is provided below, along with other previous APK files.

Update [January 14, 2017]: A new version of the Google Play Store has hit us today, and its APK is already available for the download too. The latest Google Play APK comes as 7.4.12, an upgrade over previous version 7.4.09, which followed the 7.4.02 version.

Update [December 15, 2016]: Today, an even newer version of the Google Play APK came out on the Internet, with the app version bring 7.4.02. The latest Play Store can be downloaded from below, but note that, it looks to be compatible with devices with DPI of 240, 360 and 480 only, and may simply refuse to open on other devices. We’re getting a repeated force close error on our Nexus 6P running Android 7.1.1.

Update [December 03, 2016]: Google has released two new versions of the Play Store APK today only, with one coming in as 7.2.25 and 7.3.07. We have provided the download link below of both the versions.

Update [November 10, 2016]: OMG, another update to Play Store come live, right after the jump to 7.1.25 we covered only hours ago. This time, you have a solid jump in first decimal number, from 7.1.25 to 7.2.13. So, grab the Play Store 7.2.13 APK from below now to experience the latest version of the Google Play.

Update [November 10, 2016]: Google Play Store is now available in new version 7.1.25, whose APK is provided for download below.

Update [November 05, 2016]: We just discovered a new UI on the Play Store, and this one too like the previous UI refreshments looks to be based on server side change than app’s version. As, we have the Play Store 7.1.15 installed on our Nexus 6P running 7.1.1 beta, on which the new UI just showed up, while the latest version of the Play Store is 7.1.16. Both 7.1.15 and 7.1.16 can be download from below.

Play Store APK Download

Play Store 7.7.31

→ Download: Play Store APK 7.7.31

Play Store 7.7.17

→ Download: Play Store APK 7.7.17

Play Store 7.4.12

→ Download: Play Store APK 7.4.12

Play Store 7.4.09

→ Download: Play Store APK 7.4.09

Play Store 7.4.02 [Android Wear only]

→ Download: Play Store APK 7.4.02

Note: Don’t install the Play Store v7.4.02 on Android phones and tablets as this is compatible with Android Wear based smartwatches only.

Play Store 7.3.07

→ Download: Play Store APK 7.3.07

Play Store 7.2.25

→ Download: Play Store APK 7.2.25

Play Store 7.2.13

→ Download: Play Store APK 7.2.13

Play Store 7.1.25

→ Download: Play Store APK 7.1.25

Play Store 7.1.16

→ Download: Play Store APK 7.1.16

Play Store 7.1.15

→ Download: Play Store APK 7.1.15

Play Store 7.1.14

→ Download: Play Store APK 7.1.14

Play Store 7.1.12

→ Download: Play Store APK 7.1.12

Play Store 7.1.11

Download Play Store APK 7.1.11

Play Store 7.0.18

→ Download: Play Store APK 7.0.18

Play Store 7.0.17

→ Download: Play Store APK 7.0.17

Play Store 6.9.39

→ Download: Play Store APK 6.9.39 (from Google Pixel Android 7.1 build NDE63H)

If you nee help installing this, look at our guide on how to install Android APK files.

Play Store Leanback APK (Android TV)

Download Play Store 6.9.15 Leanback

Do let us know if you need any help with Play Store download and installation.

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