Pics Leaked of Motorola’s First Dual-Core Phone, the Olympus

Motorola Olympus Leaked Pics Snaps

Where is your dual-core phone, HTC? In the line-up to dual-core android phones for Q1 next year, we’ve already seen Samsung’s Google Nexus S phone and rumored Galaxy 2, LG Star and had heard about the Motorola’s device, Olympus, whose pics have just surfaced to web and man, it’s quite a phone to watch out for.

The tipster dropped down the above pic to gizmodo guys, claiming that it’s one of the dual-core processor powered Motorola Olympus phone. Err, does that mean there are two Olympus in production. Well, to be very optimistic, maybe the company is planning the Olympus with its Global edition too. Just like Droid 2 Global and the latest rumored Droid X Global phone. Possible, no?

As for the specs, nothing new came to light after we touched them down last time. To repeat, the Olympus would be launched with Android 2.2 atop a rumored 4.1 inch display with a new version 4.0.1450 of Motoblur layered above stock android, but the highlight of the phone remains its dual-core nVidia Tegra 2 processor.

Obviously, it would have been very wonderful if the company launched the Olympus with Android 2.3 Gingerbread but that’s not the case as far as we know. And it looks like Nexus One will again get the latest android version before anyone else, as it did with android 2.1 android 2.2 (of course, we very much like this fact) while the first phone to be launched with Gingerbread pre-installed seems to be the Nexus S.

Lets see who wins the race of first dual-core android phone: Samsung Nexus S or LG Star or the Motorola Olympus? Miss you HTC, we’d love to name a phone of yours here too!

While the Tegra 2 processor powers the last two phone above, Nexus S will feature Samsung’s own dual-core processor. So, another question is who’ll get us the best dual-core processor, gaming-wise and else, Samsung or nVidia?

What’s your guess power tells, share with us?

Via Gizmodo

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