Android Update, News, Apps and Hacks

XperiFirm – Xperia firmware downloader let’s you quickly check and download firmware for any Xperia phone

Disable fullscreen keyboard in landscape mode with this Xposed Module

[MOD] Get Harmon/Kardon audio on all variants of HTC One M8

The Planets Watchface is a truly innovative watchface that puts the solar system on your wrist

Statusbar Gestures Xposed module let’s you launch apps with gestures from your Statusbar

Best Android Apps for the week of 27th July, 2014

Here’s a Classy Square Watchface for your LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live

Lock apps with Fingerprint scanner on your Galaxy S5 using FingerSecurity app

[New app] LoginBox let’s you login to your password protected websites with a single tap

Android 4.5 will be the next version of Android, not 5.0

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