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  • Wickedleak launches Wammy Titan 4, with 4 days of battery life

    Up till now, the Elephone P5000 with its massive 5,350 mAh power source had by far the largest battery capacity that we knew of. The Chinese Manufacturer surprised everyone, when the not-so-well known company presented this behemoth which again surprisingly, did not look like a brick. Taking a leaf out of Elephone’s book, Wickedleak — a mobile manufacturer based […]

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  • Google has already sent 2nd Gen. Google Glass prototypes to select “Glass at Work” partners

    When Google announced that it was shutting down the Explore program many outlets came to the conclusion that Google Glass project is simply dead. However it appears that Google Glass isn’t dead yet. Google has started sending prototypes of the next generation of Google Glass to its selective group of Glass at work partners at some […]

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  • Intex Aqua Y2 Remote Smartphone can act as your TV or AC remote, sells for INR 4,390 ($70)

    So we know that Infrared technology made a comeback to the mobile market in 2013 after a gap of almost 5 years. Ironically enough, the once oh-so-common technology is now limited to high-end flagship phones. Keeping this in mind, Indian smartphone vendor Intex has recently launched the Aqua Y2 Remote Smartphone. Priced at INR 4,390, the budget […]

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  • Redditor shows how Heads Up Notification should work on Android

    All the features that came with Android 5.0 Lollipop were pretty cool, the heads-up notification too, but only when we saw the thing pop-up for notifications we realized how nonsensically Google has implemented it. In case you don’t know, heads-up notifications serves notifications as an overlay in a header pop-up when you’re already doing something on the phone. Its […]

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  • T-Mobile Shows Strong Q4 Financial Results, Leaves Sprint Behind

    The nation’s fourth-largest wireless carrier T-Mobile posted strong financial results in its latest Q4 and Yearly earnings report. T-mobile reported that it brought in 2.1 million net customers in the Fourth Quarter alone, including 1.3 million branded postpaid net subscriber customers. Throughout the year 2014, T-mobile claims to have earned 8.3 million customers in total, […]

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  • Tomawatchi is a Google Fit Powered app that gives you a great partner to encourage you to work out daily

    If you are thinking that caring for your pet a lot can keep you healthy and fit then you should consider this app called Tomawatchi. Utilizing the Google Fit’s APIs, this app takes us back to the mid-90’s Tamagotchi digital pet toys. The Tamagotchi game was loved around the world and was made available on smartphones. […]

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  • Benchmark test leak points to HTC One M9 Plus with a 13MP front camera and MediaTek Processor

    Benchmarks tests are non-traditional but tried and tested routes of finding out stuff about devices before they actually hit the market. Dutch Techtastic recently did some digging around on CompuBench — a benchmark testing site — and unearthed an entry for a device code named HTC 0PK71, which we strongly suspect is actually the much awaited HTC One M9 […]