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Samsung planning a cheap quad-core phone with Jelly Bean and WVGA 480p display for Korea, codenamed Baffin?

Quad-core Pantech Android Phone (EF52S) and Tablet (P5100) with on-screen keys sighted

Samsung GT-9105 Galaxy S2 Plus spotted, specs include dual-core OMAP4470 processor, qHD display and Android 4.0

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LTE launched in Singapore

Onyx Android Phone with E Ink display promises 1 week of battery life and is completely visible in daylight

Check out how the Nexus X Hoax was conceived!

Minimum T-Mobile data plan now begins at $20 and 2 GB storage

$100 rebate eligible devices under tradeup offer listed out by Motorola

T-Mobile LG Optimus L9 demo pieces arrive, release date should be very near

Android 4.1 Update for Samsung Galaxy S3 in UK rolling out!

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