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  • You Can Remove Pre-installed Apps from Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge

    galaxy s6 apps delete

    Since quite sometime before the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, it was claimed that the TouchWiz UI on these models will be lightweight without much bloatware. Usually, Samsung offerings will be pre-installed with several Samsung applications. Now, these apps are downloadable based on the users’ preferences. This way, users can […]

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  • First HTC One M9 OTA update is out, ROM version 1.32.401.15

    Root and stuff before public launch has often surprised us, but the HTC One M9 is even receiving an OTA update before hitting the stores. The device has been handed out to a handful of reviewers, who yesterday posted the reviews, and their devices were probably running the 1.32.401.8 firmware version at latest, but this OTA update brings up the version to 1.32.401.15. The […]

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  • How to Root HTC One M9

    Update: Normal version of SuperSU root tool is not working for the HTC One M9 due to changes in how system partitions are mounted and all, for which you can read more here. Anyway, there’s a fix available, and right now, the beta version of SuperSU, BETA-SuperSU-v2.48.zip, is working absolutely fine, as it takes care of […]