Android Update, News, Apps and Hacks

Sony Xperia phones to get exclusive content under new promotion channel

Nexus 7 32 GB and 16 GB Price set at $249 and $199 respectively at Office Depot

Samsung Galaxy S3 gets Smart Rotation, not a Galaxy Note 2 exclusive any more

Motorola Solstice Dual-Core Android 4.0 clears FCC, US Cellular next destination

Galaxy Note 7 inch gets DLNA Certification, dubbed as GT-N5100/GT-N5110

HTC releases ‘Evolution of the Smartphone’ Infographic, check it out!

Yeah, another Nexus 4 pic!

Got Microsoft Xbox and Android? Then just get Xbox SmartGlass app from Google Play Store!

Google October 29th event cancelled, so sad!

Telus Optimus G Release Date set for Nov 13 as other carriers in Canada choose to keep mum

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