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  • Test Drive the Android Wear Launcher on your non-wearable Android Device [Download APK]

    Google recently announced Android Wear, a customized version of Android built specifically for wearable devices. And with that Google also released the developer preview SDK of Android Wear for developers to test and integrate the capabilities of Android Wear into their existing apps. → Check out the official Android Wear video Android Wear devices are slated […]

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  • Download Google Keyboard APK v3.0.19373

    Google keyboard is simple the best keyboard for me. It’s simple, void of unnecessary features and options, and is very very practical and smart. Use it and you’ll know better. Google keyboard just knows why you are pressing the backspace keys and will automatically restore the word it just corrected. And its correction scheme is […]

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  • Download Google Play Services APK v4.3.23

    UPDATE: Oct 10th, 2014: Google Play Store updated to v5.0.31 with new icon, more material design and a handful lot of other changes. Grab the APK for v5.0.31 from the link below:   Download Google Play APK v5.0.31 May 7th, 2014: Google Play services updated to v4.4. Major enhancements to Maps with the introduction of Street View, as well […]

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  • Download Google Play Store APK v4.6.17

    icon-bell-o Play Store APK Updated Below are the most recent versions of Play Store: [posts-by-tag tags = “google-play-apk” number = “5”] Only a few days earlier Google released an update to the Play Store bringing it to version 4.6.16 and brought along a handful of minor changes to the app. And now today another update for the […]