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  • Nexus 6 gets MultiROM support

    Although stock Android has grown to be so much lovable, specially with the recent Lollipop update, love for custom ROMs still isn’t gone anywhere. There are now more custom ROMs available than ever, and users are literally spoilt of choices. No more are the days when CyanogenMod used to be the best ROM your phone could run. But […]

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  • Auto Mate 0.1.1

    [column size=”one-second”] [ad2] [/column] [column size=”one-second” last=”true”] Filename: com.bitspice.automate-v0.1.1.apk Version: 0.1.1 (9) File size: 11.76 MB (12,333,337 bytes) Date: 7 April, 2015 Developer: BitSpice [/column]

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  • [Port] Download Zenfone 2 Apps APKs for all KitKat and Lollipop running devices

    Zenfone 2 Apps Port

    Asus announced the Zenfone 2 earlier this year at CES 2015. The phone packs a powerful hardware inside and comes with even a 4GB RAM variant as well. But in our opinion what will differentiate the Asus Zenfone 2 the most from the competition will be its software experience — the Asus ZenUI. We’ve boasted of ZenUI time and again. Although it’s […]