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  • How to SIM Unlock Galaxy Note 4

    Back in 2011, Samsung decided bigger the better and showed the world its Note series. The obvious headline with the Note 4 is that it has a 2K display. The screen size itself is unchanged from the Note 3 at 5.7 inches, but what really have whopped is the price. Price of the note 3 was […]

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  • Languages Supported by Moto 360, LG G Watch and other Android Wear Watches for Voice Operation

    Smart watches are all the rage these days as major tech companies like Google and Apple have released smart watches with optimized software built specifically for watches. It should be obvious that with those tiny screens on the smart watches, the technology isn’t begging to be another screen to run your apps. Smart watches are an extension […]

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  • How to Setup “Ok Google” on Galaxy Note 4 to replace S Voice, works even on lock screen without eating your battery

    The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 variants which use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 805 APQ8084 processors has the capabilities to always listen to your voice commands, even when your screen is off/locked. Samsung devices ship with the company’s own S Voice voice assistant app, but you can default that to Google Now which is a far better voice assistant than S […]

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  • How to Change Region on LG G3

    LG G3 is one of those smartphones which gained a reputed popularity worldwide and gave pretty good competition to other flagship devices from the likes of HTC and Samsung, as people from all over the world and different regions have got their hands on this beast. An independent dev over at XDA, YaDr, has successfully discovered a way to change the region settings […]

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  • Download Cyanogen Camera APK

    The camera app from OnePlus One, Cyanogen Camera just got released to Play Store, but exclusively for the company’s own device. So clearly it isn’t a move to please the Android users in general, releasing the app to Play store makes it easier for manufactureres to roll out updates and hence Motorola, HTC and now OnePlus […]

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  • Root Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910F using CF Auto Root

    It has only been a few weeks since the release of Galaxy Note 4 and root for the device is already available. The Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910F is the LTE-A variant of the device based on qualcomm’s APQ8084 chipset. The device is bootloader unlocked by default and that’s why achieving root on the device didn’t took long […]

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  • Root T-Mobile Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910T using CF Auto Root

    T-Mobile has always been the most friendly carrier when it comes to hackability of Android devices. While most carriers in the US sells devices with locked bootloader, T-Mobile sells its Android devices as bootloader unlocked making it easier for users to root their device. The T-Mobile Galaxy Note 4 too comes with an unlocked bootloader which you can easily root using CF Auto Root […]