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  • More Samsung Galaxy Tab S Specs Emerges: Fingerprint scanner + Ultra Power Saving Mode confirmed

    It looks like Samsung is planning ahead for its yet-to-be released Galaxy Tab S by putting out the firmware for the unreleased Galaxy Tab S with model no. SM-T800 days before the rumored launch date which would be on June 12, 2014. We’ve covered some interesting specifications of the Galaxy Tab S based on a anonymous leak a few days earlier, below is […]

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  • LG G3 Features Rundown!

    LG has finally unveiled its latest flagship product dubbed LG G3, at its simultaneous events in London, New York, San Francisco followed by Seoul, Singapore and Istanbul on Tuesday, May 27th. The company has come up with the tag line Simple is the New Smart for its new flagship device, bearing in mind the simple yet […]

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  • Alleged Motorola device with possible 5-inch+ screen spotted. Think it could be Moto X+1?

    The picture you’re looking above is allegedly hinted to be a Motorola device. There is no visible sign of Motorola on the device in picture, I’ll agree to that. But evleaks, who’s a trusted source of leaks in the Android blogoshpere was tipped this picture. So we’re going to have faith in this.. that it’s a Motorola device. Anyway, the […]

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  • Download OmniROM Launcher APK with Custom Hotwords feature [ROOT]

    OmniROM recently showcased their customized version of stock Android launcher which can take anything for an hotword (like “Okay Jarvis”) and trigger any action with it. The awesome folks over at OmniROM modified the stock Android launcher to support any custom hotword that a user can set and have the device respond with pre-selected action for that hotword. For example, I […]

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  • Download LG G3 Wallpapers

    LG officially announced its new flagship phone, LG G3, in a press event yesterday. The phone comes with a boat load of customizations from LG (custom skin, apps, wallpapers, ringtones, icons, etc.). Most of us don’t appreciate custom skins and pre-installed apps (bloatware) from manufacturers as they do more harm than good to device’s performance. But wallpapers and […]