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  • CyanogenMod 12 gets Theme Engine back!

    cm12 theme engine

    There is some definite universal love for theme engine that was once one of the most exciting reason to install a custom ROM back in the day. While it has lost its oomph a little bit now, it’s still great to see support of Cyanogenmod theme engine being added to the ROM, starting from tomorrow with […]

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  • LG G4 Specs uncovered from a System Dump

    LG G4 Specs Rumored

    It looks like someone’s got the hold of LG G4 System dump, and has done some digging for us all those who are interested in LG G4 specifications to find that it carries a mention of 16MP camera.  There’s an array that’s list basically defining the menu icon image to be used. There is mention of “levellist_setting_expand_w16m” file (note […]

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  • Xiaomi Mi4 India Release set for January End

    Xiaomi Mi4 India Release Date

    You know, for tech worshipers in India, it’s quite soul-breaking to wait that much for the arrival of some fantastic devices — ahem, hello Mi Note and Mi Note Pro — when our neighbors (Chinese, in this case) get to feast on them many many ago. Look no further than Xiaomi’s own Mi3, which was released […]

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  • Xiaomi Mi Box Mini priced at 199 yuan ($32)

    Xiaomi mi Box Mini 282

    Xiaomi just announced two breathtaking devices, Mi Note and Mi Note Pro for a relatively competitive price of 2,299/2,799 yuan ($370/450) and 3,299 yuan ($530) respectively. But there is one more cool gadget that Xioami brought to us today: Xiaomi Mi Box Mini, that features pretty impressive hardware for its price of only 199 yuan, around $32. […]

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  • Xiaomi Mi Headphones Price set at $80 approx

    Xiaomi Mi headphones

    We’re truly in awe of the new Xiaomi sets: Mi Note and Mi Note Pro, each packing in dramatically awesome hardware for their respective price of 2,299/2,799 yuan ($370/$450) and 3,299 yuan ($530) respectively. And that’s not all Xiaomi had in store today, it also announce a killer headphones set, aptly named Mi Headphones. Xiaomi […]

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  • Official Xiaomi Mi Note Pro Price and Specs!

    Xiaomi Mi Note Specs

    We knew that there were going to be two devices today, one featuring Snapdragon 801 processor while other featuring mighty Snapdragon 810 processor, and we thought these would be Xiaomi Mi Note and Mi4S respectively. But to our surprise, these two device are Xiaomi Mi Note and Mi Note Pro, featuring Snapdragon 801 and 810 processor […]