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  • [AOSP] Xperia Z3 Marshmallow ROM

    Here we are into another day with another AOSP based Marshmallow ROM for yet another Android device. This is how things roll when a new release of Android is pushed to AOSP (Android Open Source Project). Sony released its Android 6.0 Marshmallow binaries to its own AOSP project for various Xperia devices. The binaries help developers make […]

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  • [AOSP] Nexus 7 2012 Marshmallow ROM

    The first generation Nexus 7 tablet, the 2012 edition, has been left out by Google of the Android Marshmallow release for good. The tablet sports only 1GB RAM, and it was surprising to see even Lollipop coming to it officially. But that was a good gesture from Google to the aging tablet. Anyway, we’re 2015 now, and […]

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  • How to Enable Auto Backup on Android Marshmallow

    Android has had built-in backup system for device data and apps for a long time, however it hardly ever worked the way users wished it to. But with Android 6.0 Marshmallow Google has revamped the service and it now takes backups that work. On Android 6.0 Marshmallow you can enable auto backup for device data (WiFi passwords, call history, etc) and […]

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  • How to Enable Multi User on Note 5, S6, S6 Edge/Plus

    Google introduced a very cool feature Multi User to Android phones last year with the Lollipop release. This was adopted widely by many Android phone makers, but Samsung chose to do away with it, even on its Flagship phones like Galaxy S6 and the recently launched Note 5. Thankfully though, Samsung didn’t completely remove the multi-user code from its devices. You can […]

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  • [AOSP] Galaxy Nexus Marshmallow ROM

    One of the finest Android devices ever made, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, has just gotten itself a Marshmallow ROM, thanks to developer Ziyan over at xda. The Galaxy Nexus is a 2012 device, so it was only natural for Google to drop the official software upgrade support for the device, but thanks to the popularity of gNex, we now […]

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  • DOWNLOAD LG V10 Ringtones

    Here’s a pack of ringtones from LG’s latest buddy, the V10. Known very known for its double screen in the front, the V10 has already made a mark on Android fans. Here’s a hoping you will find V10’s ringtones equally, impressive, as did V10 stock wallpapers pack. → Download LG V10 Ringtones For more ringtone packs, […]

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  • DOWNLOAD LG V10 Stock Wallpapers

    Like you, we also have a penchant for stock wallpapers from Android devices. We’ve covered many stock wallpapers earlier, and today we are gonna share with you wallpapers from LG V10, the dual-screen from LG. We’ve got to hand it to LG for the amazing wallpapers they’ve been able to create or choose for the LG V10 […]