How To Overclock T-Mobile Galaxy S II

T-Mobile Galaxy S II is one of the fastest device on earth right now, there is no doubt about that. But can it be still even faster. Well, yes, and you’ll believe when we tell you about the overclock hack which is now available — in beta stages, though — for the already super-fast Galaxy S II at T-Mobile, dubbed SGH-T989.

Oh yes, if you hold that global version, GT-i9100, or any other S II variant in your hand, please keep it off of this overclock hack tool — your phone might simply get bricked if you try overclocking tool of one phone on another.

Credits for overclocking on Galaxy S II T989 goes to Romanbb, who made a kernel which allows you to up the clock speed of T989’s 1.5GHz processor to maximum 1.8Ghz — that’s 20% more raw power (which may or may not convert into processing speeds, but mostly it does).

If you’re someone who has the T-Mobile Galaxy S II, and loves tweaking phone both hardware-wise and software-wise, then I think you’re already very tempted to try this. Well, look for the guide below, but take due note of the warning below first.

Warning: Warranty may be void of your device if you follow the procedures given on this page. You only are responsible for your device. We wont be liable if any damage occurs to your device and/or its components.

How to Overclock T-Mobile Galaxy S II SGH-T989

  1. Your T989 needs to be rooted and must have a custom recovery (CWM) installed in order to flash the overclock kernel and have overclock abilities. Check this guide on installing ClockWorkMod recovery and gaining root access here. Progress to next step only after you’ve got recovery installed on your device.
  2. Make backup of contacts, bookmarks, APN settings and other important stuff. Use Titanium backup app, and this backup and restore guide.
  3. Download the latest kernel available at the development page here. [Note: As of today, Nov 3, ‘11, it’s in alpha stage. So you w=may want to wait a little bit and try the overclock after it gets stable version out]
  4. Transfer it to phone’s sdcard.
  5. Boot in recovery mode. Don’t use any software to boot into recovery mode. Use this method only:
  1. Switch Off you phone and wait for 6-7 seconds
  2. Press and hold these 3 keys together till you Samsung logo — Power+VolumeUP+VolumeDOWN
  3. Your phone will boot into CWM recovery
  • In recovery, select “install zip from sd card”. Then select “choose zip from sd card”. Now, browse through sd card and select the overclock kernel file you downloaded in step 3 and transferred in step 4 above.
  • Select “Yes – Install …. “ to begin flashing of kernel on your device.
  • After it’s been flashed, reboot the phone.
  • Install System Tuner app from the android market for free and tweak your phone’s clock speeds using it. That’s it.
  • To remove overclock kernel, you can download and flash the stock firmware using Odin — Download and Instructions here. This will wipe all your data, so make sure you’ve backups done as said in step 2 above.


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    1. Chaddharper says: Reply

      Why can i not over clock mine it is rooted with custom rom and i cannot over clock past stock or it shuts off wtf is going on plz help

    2. Madhav says: Reply

      Are you using the right kernel? If you are using the kernel which came with your custom ROM, it may not support overclocking…you need to flash this specific kernel which is overclockable.

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