Overclock Galaxy S3 to 1.8GHz With Ninphetamin3 Kernel


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  • mr supreme

    why is the admin not replying to any ones message, clearly you can see that this kernel after applied causes the phone to boot back up with a black screen, and I would advise anyone who attempts to try this to BACK UP your phone data using clockworks recovery by holding down (volume up, power button and home key) all at the same time until the clockwork recovery appears, then use the volume up/down keys to navigate and power button to select, you can find a backup data to sd card in there. This should of been the first thing in this thread!

  • http://www.facebook.com/themisterunknown ジェイスン ・リー リー

    Help.. my phone cant use the camera…. pls help… and i cant restore my phone even i format the phone and sometime it freazze phone too… can anyone send me the back up file or change back to 1.4ghz??? pls.. T.T just bought the phone..

  • hsjdis

    Phone does not boot anymore and stock ROM can’t be installed any more.

  • P

    Bricked my phone too, display went black, led’s stay on and nothing happens. Thanks!

  • sykosykes

    Bricked my phone. Good thing I had recovery!

  • sykosykes

    Bricked my phone. Good thing I had recovery!