OnePlus 3S (or 3 Plus) Release Date Rumors: It looks more real now! [A3010]


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Update [October 13, 2016]: Well, it looks like AMOLED display is going to stay for the new OnePlus 3S (or 3 Plus). And this is good news. The Co-founder of OnePlus, Carl Pei, tweeted today to quash all rumors regards the substitution of AMOLED display with IPS panel on OnePlus 3, saying that he sees the company stay with optic AMOLED for the foreseeable future. Optic AMOLED isn’t a new type of display, but a regular AMOLED display customized by the OnePlus team, on a continuous basis.


Moreover, today we got another proof of OnePlus 3S (or 3Plus) being in existence, coming over from a leaked listing pertaining to China’s certification agency called CCC. So, yes, if you had any doubt over the existence of OnePlus 3S (or S Plus), put them aside now.


Original article: In recent past, rumors of a new OnePlus device has surfaced. A lot. It’s rumored that this new guy will be something of a new OnePlus 3, or advanced OnePlus 3, as the name suggested so far include OnePlus 3S and OnePlus 3 Plus. We even have a new model no. to boot: OnePlus A3010 — FYI, current OnePlus 3 is A3000 in America, while A3003 in Europe.

Now, it’s been long rumored that OnePlus was considering a hardware change for the OnePlus 3, mostly because of the issues with availability of Super AMOLED display. But is this issue the real cause, or OnePlus is also looking to up the hardware now that Snapdragon 821 — this buddy powers Pixel and Pixel XL — is also on the market.

OnePlus 3S/Plus: What’s the need?


It seems that OnePlus has limited no. of AMOLED display in its inventory, which is looking already very slim. And OnePlus seems to be facing problem acquiring new AMOLED panels, whether that be down to extra price charged for it (would be issue with OnePlus 3’s tight margins), or simply because units are not available because of limited production.

Whatever be the reason, OnePlus can’t continue making OnePlus 3 with Super AMOLED panels, as the wait time is already pretty high in some markets for the OnePlus 3.

And BTW, the new device could come along with the OnePlus 3 Nougat update, which we know is in production right now, and was even teased on a very short video.

OnePlus 3S/Plus: What’s the solution?


OnePlus would have to use IPS display panel in place of Super AMOLED. IPS is easily available, and may not cost more, either.

OnePlus is also considering giving the OnePlus 3’s processor an upgrade too — to Snapdragon 821.

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OnePlus 3S/Plus: What’s the Price?

Well, no idea right now?

If cost benefits accrue from IPS panel use in place of sAMOLED, then the extra cost of SD821 should be absorbed into that, and you could have new OnePlus 3S or OnePlus 3 Plus with advanced processor and different display at the same cost.

Would you buy the solid hardware of OnePlus 3s or OnePlus 3 Plus for that price. Given that OnePlus 3 is well know for its value-for-money image, do you think it would still maintain that recognition at $449 asking price? We think yes, after all, you are also getting SD821, a more refined and powerful variant of SD820.

Do let us know what you think about it.

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