One click Root, Clockworkmod recovery & Unroot for LG Revolution

LG Revolution One Click Root

While rooting Android phones is becoming an increasingly simpler process by the day, with One-click root tools being made available by developers, it often used to be a cumbersome process to revert back to an unrooted state, and involved flashing back to a stock ROM, not to mention finding the right stock ROM to flash. Installing Clockworkmod Recovery involved using a separate tool called Revo Toolkit, or tinkering with ADB to push the custom recovery image to the device.

Thanks to XDA member mtmichaelson, we now have an All-in-one package which not only provides a One-click Root and Unroot solution for LG Revolution users, but also installs Clockworkmod recovery while rooting.

You can download it here.

This zip contains the proper drivers for the LG Revolution, and root.bat and unroot .bat files.The root.bat has been modified to fix ANY of the problems people are having with root, and will make it so that CWM will stick through reboot. It installs the newest versions of the su binary and Superuser.apk. It will also install ClockWorkMod Recovery (no need to run RevoToolkit anymore). And on the other hand, the unroot.bat file will uninstall and delete the su binary and remove Superuser.apk. It will also remove CWM and install the stock ZV7 recovery.img.

How Do I Root and Install CWM?

  1. Download zip and extract
  2. Install drivers if not already installed
  3. Click root.bat and watch the magic!!!

How Do I Remove CWM and Unroot?

  1. Download zip and extract
  2. Install drivers if not already installed
  3. Click unroot.bat and watch the magic!!!

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  1. Depmodealex says: Reply

    It doesn’t do anything.

  2. Justsimplygeorge says: Reply

    Worked for me. Make sure your usb connection mode is set to “Internet Connection”

  3. My6g72 says: Reply

    It worked… but I seem to have lost 4G.  …then I un-rooted and I still don’t have 4G.  Any thoughts?  

    1. My6g72 says: Reply

      Actually, it looks like there may be an outage today so I don’t know if I really lost 4G or if Verizon itself lost 4G in the Chicago area.

  4. guest says: Reply

    Didn’t seem to do anything and rom manager doesn’t detect any changes

  5. Jamesrod885 says: Reply

    will this work with 2.3.4 android version  sw version vs910zv7. will this down grade to another version or stay with these existing programs?

  6. Rx7koa says: Reply

    it unrooted my phone but what i cant figure out is all my old says there not compatible with my device

  7. Ed Miller says: Reply

    unrooted my phone fter it was rooted. it worked, but when i did a factory reset the phone only boots into the clockwork recovery screen. any ideas??

  8. Akaeze2006 says: Reply

    didnt work

  9. Justformyfun77 says: Reply

    Download link doesn’t seem to be working

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