Official MIUI 4 for Xperia Arc S is Now Available for Flashing!


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  • Clay-Torres

    my android version is 4.0.4,, is it still compatible?

  • efarmer

    A great, clear, straightforward guide and one that has turned my Arc S into something truly great.

  • kinan2012

    thank alot >>>

  • BeeBee

    Is the special function still remain? E.g. BRAVIA ENGINE.

  • PAV!

    Hi!i would like to know if everything works, like if the rom recognized all the cpu and the other feature of the xperia arc s like the bravia engine.

    • efarmer

      The CPU seems to be clocked at 1.0 GHz, but that hasn’t had a noticeable performance hit and has likely improved battery life. No Bravia engine either, but I had never noticed it anyway, not being somebody who watches a lot of video on their phone.

    • efarmer

      I stand corrected, Bravia and Xloud are under factory settings. CPU clock can be changed with an app too.

  • Earl Simmons