Official Ice Cream Sandwich Update for HTC Sensation Leaked: 3.32.401.3.


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  • Aya Ahmed Saleh

    my phone keeps on rebooting :(

  • Andrejus Vasiaginas

    How to put Gingerbread back onto your HTC Sensation instead of ICS?

  • Paakwasied

    U have to download the old hboot image and flash at the bootloader menu. I think its 1.17 or so

  • Bartstorm

    i’ve done it but it just keeps restarting, it shows the htc logo, goes off, and does it again. any idea what to do?

    • Pethesahil

      Probably restore the backup if you have made from the recovery. This will take you to the state whwere you backed up first. Then don’t mess around with this RUU again. The Dev of this post told to download throught Ethernet cable. I don’t know what’s wrong in updating through WiFi but, do as he says and tell me if it works.

    • Kapil

      Hey.. the post has been updated. Check out the changes made in step 1, and do the step 11 based on file you download in step 1.

      Flashing the firmware file should make your Sensation boot up fine. 

      So, try this and let us know. We’ll be glad to help.

  • Pethesahil

    I am ngw to firmwares guys. Please tellll me why you need to update firmware? Why doesn’t flashing Rom directly work? It does not install all the drivers or what?

    • Kapil

      Well, because, Sensation needs updated bootloaders in order to work on Ice Cream Sandwich. That’s the only reason. It happens when upgrading to new software version, although, not all times, and not for all phones. Samsung phones, for example the Galaxy S2, doesn’t require any such thing.

  • guest

    do you first have to install the 3.32 an after that the 3.32.401.3, or only the 3.32.401.3?

    • Kapil

      Only the 3.32.401.3.

    • Kapil

      Hey, you got it working? IF no, then pls see the guide above again, it’s been updated.

  • Bossydale

    i have followed the tuts in the links and your tut to the letter and every time i put the rom on it just keeps rebooting i have tryed it about 10 times with re  downloading the rom everytime  but it still keep on rebooting over and over again any ideas?

    • Bossydale

      i have now got this to work a little to to other people trying this when you download the update file don’t do it over the wifi (wireless) because the signal will degrade even if your next to the router use an ethernet cable plugged in to the laptop/pc and it should work first time like with me i tryed it 10 times over the wireless and it didn’t work did it once with it hard wired and it worked first time thanks buddy

    • Kapil

      Hello there, the guide has been updated. Bootloader for ICS are required to be flashed and that has been covered under step 1 and 11 above. So, pls follow the guide again, if it didn’t work out for you.

      Let us know if you need any assistance.

  • Elmakanon


    • Kapil

      Hey, the guide above has been updated. Please check it out and let us know of your thoughts. 


      • Kaizaddastoor93

        can i restore the original Rom if i want to ? how can i ?