Official Android 4.0.4 Update for Galaxy S2 Not In Plans at Samsung, So It Seems


Samsung started updating the Galaxy S2 to Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0.3 around April/May, and in true Samsung style, riddled the update with bugs and issues, along with poorer performance compared to Gingerbread. And now, word is coming in (unofficially) that Samsung will not be updating the Galaxy S2 to Android 4.0.4, but will only push out minor updates to fix the current issues in the 4.0.3 firmware by the end of this year

That’s bad news to say the least, as 4.0.4 has very noticeable performance and stability improvements over 4.0.3, which wasn’t as optimized, leading to performance/stability problems on devices running 4.0.3. It’s also quite poor on Samsung’s part that they aren’t interested in getting the latest and greatest out to their older flagship devices, but instead only focus on releasing newer devices in the market.

Of course, for those who dabble in custom ROMs and modifications, we’ll be bringing you the latest and greatest thanks to the quick and awesome developer community in the Android world, who do much more for these devices than the device manufacturers themselves. But still, this is not a good show of support from Samsung to their older devices, so we hope it doesn’t turn out to be true.

What do you think? Is Samsung becoming more and more oblivious to the fact that people want software updates as much as they want newer phones? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Mohamed Sobhy says: Reply

    That is so damn annoying :Q

  2. mr.ifi says: Reply

    Samsung is becoming like Apple n does not care for its costumers…what should we do?? spend 700 every 6 months???

  3. Mohammed says: Reply

    Yeah.I agree.Samsunig wants costumers’ money not their satisfaction.

    Samsung is doing with SII what it did with I9000.

  4. Warfare says: Reply

    Damn, this is a bad news. Jelly Bean 4.1 is already out for Nexus … what a shame on Samsung !
    I really hope that they will change their plans.

  5. Michel Denys says: Reply

    I think the big source of this mess is Google. They have a culture of Beta development. Do you remember their Gmail? It was in Beta version for years. It was manageable because Gmail is a web application (you get a fresh copy of your client application each time you start a Gmail session).

    BUT you cannot apply this Beta style to a full fledge OS like Android. ICS 4.0.1 4.0.2 4.03 should have never been released. There were beta versions. How can Google with their billions of dollars of pocket money still produce buggy applications?

    You can’t expect Samsung & Co to release a new OS every 3 months.

    Personally I always wait at least 3 months before taking on board a new release of Android, to get the feedback of earlier adopters. So far I have not been convinced with the reliability of ICS. Let’s see if 4.0.4 will be up to his premisses. I doubt :<

  6. Thiago Grande says: Reply

    I’m using Android 4.0.4 ICS Cyanogenmod 9 Nightly on my SGS2 and I can affirm, it’s another device. Beautiful, fast, fluid like never before.
    I don’t want go back to official ROM ever. The Cyanogenmod makes me to rethink about upgrading to Galaxy S3 immediately.
    I’m sure in a few days, the Cyanogenmod team will release Jelly Bean to SGS2.
    So, what are you waiting for to be proud of your SGS2 again?

    1. I’m agree with tyou.

  7. Ac says: Reply

    if you see the app in samsung site you know they are not into software or app performance…more to latest hardware selling…if only Iphone has a 4-5 inches screen…i would not give it a 2nd thinker…Android phone advantage is in the screen.. sgs2 user

  8. Michael Nock says: Reply

    i left apple because of there poor device support, for me that was hard after all i have three apple computers apple tv etc etc, i decided to go with samsung and was over the moon, i had a real iphone killer in the s II, but it seems all the battles with apple have rubbed off.. i was hoping for better not a clone, come on samsung prove your a better company…

  9. gigiduru says: Reply

    are you sure 🙂 deam liar

  10. Lesbassnett says: Reply

    If Samsung start thinking about consumers instead of profit they will be liked a lot more, If not then what’s to stop consumers buying a different make,This way Samsung will lose

  11. Winston Tsai says: Reply

    I just updated my Samsung Galaxy S2 to android 4.0.4. My problem is that the (Log) is not
    working. I cant see who called or miscalled my number. Please help..

  12. Djrepsaj says: Reply

    Dumbasses. Samsung has started releasing 4.0.4 for GS2 end of July or so, and 4.1 for GS2 is undergoing testing.

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