Now Verizon Wireless Brings Updated V-Cast for Music on Android

Verizon Wireless says it has brought out the upgraded version of its V CAST music application which enables Android™ Smartphone users to enjoy their favorite music at lower prices. The newer V CAST brings to you full-track songs, ringtones, ringback tones and all this and more in one single application pack. A Smartphone with Android 2.1 can use this newer V CAST to run full-track songs, in MP3 format without DRM. V CAST also offers such full songs for 69 cents, 99 cents, or $1,29 per song, which you can download over the air and upload it in your PC or other devices through V CAST Media Manager.

Greg Haller, VP Consumer Solutions for Verizon Mobile, exclaimed that the new V CAST will bring to the customers all the music they love at low prices with help of this easy – to – use application. It sounds like fun!

The new V CAST allows multiple format download of a song, ringtone, ringback tone and makes it easy for the users to purchase and manage Jukebox for their ringback tones to rotate the tone choice. That’s not all, it shall also have a wish list for future reference of what sort of music the user wants to purchase and a “recommendations” button to suggest music through previews to friends and family — Coolness just got promoted folks.

Select Android phones would come preloaded with the newer V CAST, the others can upgrade the next time the app is launched. And for those who don’t have V CAST at all, here is an opportunity to download it for free from the Verizon channel in the Android Market, provided they have a data package. So here you go, V CAST is fuelling your music fetishism, now you don’t have to wait to buy that songs and video DVD you just heard of.


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