Galaxy Note 4 Nougat update: N910PVPS4DPK1 and N910TUVU2EPJ2 released by Sprint and T-Mobile

Note 4 Nougat update

Update [November 21, 2016]: Sprint is back with another update for its Note 4, this time with build N910PVPS4DPK1. The PK1 updates packs in at 341MB of size, and brings you November patch, among other bug fixes and security improvements. A firmware isn’t available for download yet, BTW, while the update is already hitting users as an OTA.

Update [October 28, 2016]: Sprint has also started roll out of a new update ending with build no. PJ1, and it packs in what we were expecting it to: October patch, part of monthly security update by Google. The update is sized around 371 MB, which is quite big for a security patch carrier update. We’ll dig more into it to find out what else is part of the update for the device that won’t receive Android 7.0 or 7.1 Nougat update, but till then, here’s the full build no. you may be looking for, N910PVPS4DPJ1.

Update [October 25, 2016]: A new OTA carrying the build no. N910TUVU2EPJ2 or N910T3UVU3EPJ2 is now under rollout at T-Mobile for the Note 4 users, that brings the October patch to the device. Nothing else is part of the PJ2 update, in case you were wondering.


Update [October 14, 2016]: A new update build ending with PG2 is available for Verizon Note 4 users, that brings the latest security patch to the device. It should be October patch, but it could turn out to be September patch too: we don’t have a confirmation with us for the time being. Anyway, the full version of the update is N910VVRU2CPG2, and it’s available as an OTA now.

Update [September 27, 2016]: T-Mobile is pushing out a new build for its Note 4 faithfuls, coming in as software version N910TUVS2EPG2 (or N910T3UVS2EPG2). The PG2 update is only about Android security patches, and even that isn’t the latest one, as its level is July 2016. But we’d say it’s still fair of Samsung and T-Mobile to push out a security when the device is over two years old now. Right?

[September 21, 2016]: This could be last big update for the Sprint Galaxy note 4 considering how old the device is now, and it comes as build N910PVPU4DPH4. We don’t have the full changelog from Sprint yet, but it’s being said that the PH4 update is bringing in security patches leading up to September, which is good of Sprint and Samsung. Size of the PH4 update runs around 450 MB.

Recently, AT&T also pushed an update to its Note 4 sets, with software version being N910AUCU2EPH5. The update brought the Marshmallow update to the device, along with some other nifty additions: Video calling, Advanced messaging and Wi-Fi calling.

Well, the Note 4 was one solid device that made the Note series pretty cooler than it already was. Specs-wise, Note 4 still remains solid enough to run Android 7.0 Nougat update, but it won’t at least officially.

Let’s break it down in details as to why there will be no official Android 7.0 update for the Note 4, and how it can still make it to Nougat.

That said, we expect the Samsung Nougat update to come for Galaxy S7 first (Sept-Oct 2016), followed by Note 7, Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, and Note 5 — with A-series and J-series sets getting their hands on the update too sooner or later in Q1 and Q3 2017.

No official Android Nougat for Note 4

Thing is, the Note 4 is more than two years old now. The Note 7 is out this year, after Note 5 became 4’s true successor last year. OEMs don’t carry on updating their 2 and 3-year olds to latest Android OS, and we quite understand them too, even if a spectacular device such as Note 4 — and Nexus 5 — get behind.

The Galaxy S5 is suffering a similar fate having received — like Note 4 — Marshmallow as its final major Android OS update. If you love updates, sticking with Note 4 won’t make sense anymore as the time passes on, neither buying one, because device is good as dead for Android 7.0 Nougat update.

This applies to unlocked global variant of Note 4 as well as those sets at carriers like AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, US Cellular and other Canadian carriers. Sorry! No Nougat update.

BTW, there’s already a talk on Android O features going on, care to join in?

Note 4 Nougat update via unofficial channel

Android is open, and Google shares the whole of code with the world, for any use anyone can think of. We’ve seen countless times developers download that code, do their thing, and come out with an AOSP ROM for a particular device — most popular of which is CyanogenMod 14 — and that’s the door we see Nougat update come to Galaxy Note 4.

It will be void of Samsung’s custom skin called TouchWiz, and will be beautifully pleasant rocking the stock Android UI. But because not enough sources are available for devs, the ROM will not have as great camera performance as it is on Samsung devices, and camera — even though major — is not the only problem you could have with AOSP ROM based on Android 7.0 for Note 4. Not that we’re any shy of Nougat bugs and issues!

But anyway, we will share the unofficial Note 4 Nougat updates with you as and when they come along.

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Do let us know your thoughts on Note 4 Nougat update. Do you think it’s fair that companies leave older devices behind? More so because usually, users buy a new device or change the device anyway. If you own a Note 4, how long do you plan to keep it now that it won’t receive official Android 7.0 update?

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  1. Paul Martin says: Reply

    Sad that Samsung /Carriers are leaving the Galaxy Note 4 behind in terms of the Android 7x / Nougat update (personally my Note 4 is not yet 2 years old and was the Flagship Galaxy as recently as June 2015 which is more or less 15 months ago.) I appreciate the ability of battery to be removed and replaced or switched out (the last of the top tier phones to give consumers that option.) The camera takes excellent photos and other phone features are still working for me without significant problems.
    IMHO the hardware hasn’t gone through such a drastic improvement to warrant buying a new phone (in fact with the Note 7 experience my Note 4 may still be the best option in terms of Android phones).
    I am not sure exactly what Nougat will offer but security patches are important to me so for that reason alone I am unhappy that it will not be available as a supported OS.

  2. Can I download the latest 7.0 nougat update on note4 through computer

    1. Krishna says: Reply

      No dude. No chance as Samsung hasn’t released it, and won’t release it.

  3. Manuel Malagon says: Reply

    It is not fair! A two year old device is not an old device! Are you kidding me! Specially a flagship device and more specially after the note 7 fiasco of exploding batteries. All carriers stopped the note 7 sales so the note 4 and 5 are the only good devices out there. I’ll continue using my note 4 until I no longer can, until all apps stop working or until a new note that works come.

  4. Sarah says: Reply

    It’s all in the name of “push and $$” they want to push you to the newer to keep the $$ coming in. It’s the way of the world!

  5. Challenger says: Reply

    Hatts off Mr Manuel Malagon. Very well said
    Still Note 4 is sensational phone after 2 years. Stopping the update is an insult for note 4.

  6. Dweezil Funkhauser says: Reply

    My Note 4’s (3 in the family) are workhorses that are as reliable today as the day I bought them. The oldest one is just now coming up on 2 years old. The Note 5 was not a desirable upgrade and apparently the 7 is not a good option either. They should not “retire” the 4 just yet. It still has a lot of life left in it. I plan to keep mine until it dies.

  7. Chris says: Reply

    As MANUEL MALAGON pointsout, the newest device isnt alwayd the best. The Note 4 hasnt been recalled, is a solid device, some of my friends and co-workers are still in contract/pay-off with their Note 4. The Note 5 removed featured without adding anything favorable in my opinion, the Note 6 doesn’t exist, along with the Note 7 now being non-existant. The Note 4 is missing out on an OS that it can run, with the only other option is to get a Note 5 or a Galaxy? Does Samsung truly want to make that move, pushing users to another brand?

  8. OG says: Reply

    Note 4 may still be THE best overall phone on the market — for all the reasons mentioned in the comments above, and it’s dumb of Samsung to alienate its users, especially seeing what just happened with Note 7. Actually, if Note 7 only had a removable battery like Note 4, Samsung’s problem might have been much easier and cheaper to solve — the recall would have applied only to the battery. This is a great example of how a manufacturer’s Machiavellian scheming can backfire.

  9. Kitty60 says: Reply

    My husbabd and purchased 2 Galaxy Note 4’s in Aug 2015 so ours are about 14 months old. I believe Samsung owes it to their loyal customer base to upgrade the os on the Note 4 especially since there is no current Note for sale since their flaming Note 7 was completely recalled without a n equal replacement. I have used Samsung phones since 2004. Since Sansung doesn’t care about us it may be time to change brands

  10. Eric reinhert says: Reply

    Why perpetuate the marketing myth that devices being 2+ years in age as ‘old’ and unsupportable? Are these computing devices or fashion accessories?

  11. Adrian says: Reply

    Well, big manufacturers like Apple and Samsung doesn’t give a s@## after they took the money! I am happy with my Note 4 with 6.0.1 custom ROM and Nova Launcher. I do have a Note 3 and is working flawlesly after more than 3 years ( gave it to my daughter).

  12. stevie lee says: Reply

    Note 4 is definitely nowhere near the top phones but It’s still a great phone. Hopefully with what happened to the 7 series they will make an exception and update the 4.

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