Nitrality Android App for Galaxy S Launched in Android Market

Wanna tweak your Galaxy S the easiest way? Well, here you go, an XDA member, the nitr8 – who brought us the incredible EZBase ROM – has launched his awesome app, Nitrality, in the android market. Earlier, the Nitrality app was available with Nitr8’s custom ROM for Galaxy S — Insanity ROM, so those who haven’t used this ROM, are surely going to be amazed with Nitrality android app. The application is Free and Open sourced, which is incredible in itself, and is available on your favorite market. But note that to use any of it’s super features, you need ROOT!

Nitrality allows you to do host of things which include:

  • Change Display Resolution
  • Change Popup Animation Speed
  • Change Transition Animation Speed
  • Enable / Disable Fancy Input Animations
  • Enable / Disable Media Scanner
  • Clean Media Thumbnails
  • Install ALL apps in a Custom made ZIP File
  • Install a Theme from a Custom ZIP File
  • Backup / Restore Insane Zeam config (If on insanity rom)
  • Backup / Restore efs Folder
  • Change CSC Code
  • Easy Access to Secret Codes
  • Install / Uninstall Various Samsung / System apps
  • It also includes a flash light, just hit the nitrality logo.

Nitrality for Gaalxy S i9000 Nitrality Android App

So, it’s not just about applying themes and flashing other zip files, you can even change the resolution, make a backup of that VERY-IMPORTANT ‘EFS’ Folder of Galaxy S which might be required very much if any custom ROM or zip goes unexpected. Plus, there bootloads of secret codes you can try and fell good about.

But the most exciting part of this ROM is its ability to remove even the Samsung’s pre-installed apps, meaning you can delete those apps that you don’t want/use, thus saving on memory and battery indirectly. And when you want those apps back, simply select that in the Nitrality App and your apps will be automatically downloaded and installed on your phone, meaning you don’t have to fret about finding the appropriate apks and then using clockworkmod recovery for each such stuff – yep, nothing to do with PC too. That’s really awesome. Now you know how much you love a rooted phone, since root lies at the core of all this goodness. Right?

Oh, by the way, don’t forget to hit that sweet green Nitrality logo and check out the effect. [Hint: there’s a flashlight for your Galaxy S]

[button link=”” icon=”arrow” style=””]Download Nitrality Android App for Galaxy S[/button]

Watch the video below to know the full potential of the app – it’s amazing, really!

^–^ coming soon ^–^

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  1. Androidemalaga says: Reply

    ¡¡¡CRASH using Nitrality in MIUI ROMS!!!
    Hi! please do not use 240dpi with Nitrality at MIUI ROMS, I did it and crashed my system.. :-(Just FYI.

    1. Kapil says: Reply

      Hmm, thanks for sharing with us 😉

    2. Androidemalaga says: Reply

      Sorry… not use 180 dpi!!!!! mistake 

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