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Nexus S postponed in UK to December 22. Price of Sim-Free version reduced to 430 pounds.


nexus s postponed unlocked price

If you are in UK waiting dearly for your pre-ordered Nexus S to arrive today as supposed, there is a bit of news that may hurt your mood a little. The UK launch of the latest Google phone has been pushed to December 22, when it will be available in the ‘key’ stores of carphone warehouse. Those who pre-ordered will get the phone only then, too. But hey, there are some good bits too. Price of the unlocked Nexus S has been dropped to £430, a drop of good £80 from £550 price asked earlier. Also, to get the phone for free, you need to pay £30 monthly instead of £35. Cool?

The online purchases are shipping instantly to your nearest carphone warehouse store for self pick up. With any luck to boot on your side, you may actually end up with a glorious Samsung manufactured Google Nexus S android phone before Christmas. Pray that weather doesn’t play foul, it already ruined your so cool premier league matches, no?

Via Engadget

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