MIUI 4.0 for Nexus S Coming This Friday. Based on Ice Cream Sandwich!


Ice Cream Sandwich MIUI

The MIUI team have confirmed that they will be releasing the much anticipated upcoming version of their ROM, MIUI 4.0, on Friday, for the Samsung made Google Nexus S. See there, how much privileged this Google device is. It’s got the first stock ICS rom, and now the first official ICS custom rom in MIUI, not to mention the CM9 which chose it as its preferred device for landing, too.

It’s safe to expect MIUI 4.0 releasing on hell lot of devices in the coming few weeks, now that the first official port has got a release date to boot. Our still shiny Galaxy S is itching for this, and Nexus S being a clone of this very device, we think the day isn’t far when we’ll run MIUI 4.0 on Galaxy S, and other android devices.

MIUI 4.0 Nexus S

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  • http://www.dreambloggers.com Rajan Balana

    absolutely much anticipated ROM…i am looking forward to install it on my Nexus S…