Nexus One Gets Android 2.3.6 Update

Nexus One Update

Wow.. our old. lovely. beautiful. buddy ─ Nexus One, has just gotten an official update to the latest version of Android ─ that is 2.3.6. The update offers nothing much but bug fixes.. “some important bug fixes and security patches”.

So if you happen to have a Nexus One that is still in love with stock ROMs, then below’s how you can update to the latest build, GRK39F.

Note: It’s recommended your phone be on Build GRJ22 (2.3.4) before you flash this new build. BE DAMN SURE ABOUT IT!

First download the update from here and then proceed with our step-by-step the guide below:

  1. Rename the file you downloaded above to ‘’. Just rename it to ‘update’ in case you’re using Windows
  2. Copy the ‘‘ file onto the root of your phone’s memory card
  3. Switch off your phone, wait until it’s completely switched off, and then hold down the ‘trackball’ and press the ‘power button
  4. Your phone will boot into a white screen with three Android buddies on skateboards. Select “Bootloader
  5. On the next screen, select “Recovery
  6. Your phone will reboot, giving you a picture of the Android robot and an exclamation point inside a triangle.
  7. Now hold the power button and volume up button together to boot into recovery.
  8. Now use the trackball and scroll to “Apply“, select it, and tell geek in you to wait.
  9. Once done, reboot and enjoy.


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