Nexus 7 Fetches $1825 in eBay Bid. Come Again?


If you thought it’s only Apple’s products that people go all crazy about and spend huge amounts to get one (including selling a kidney in one case), this might shake up your beliefs – Google’s soon-to-be-released Nexus 7 tablet was sold for a whopping $1825 on eBay!

That’s around $1600 higher than the $199/$249 price the tablet will retail at when it hits the market two weeks later. Waiting those two weeks would have gotten the buyer a Nexus 7 and left him with enough money to spend on other stuff, like a high-end Android phone or perhaps another tablet. But then, rational thinking probably isn’t the best quality in someone who spends $1800 on a $199 tablet, is it?

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  1. Ned Jeffery says: Reply

    it requires 2 crazy people to buy something for that much on eBay

    1. jamie says: Reply

      2? How you figure that?

      1. pepcok says: Reply

        To reach this price, there must be at least two people who set a high maximum bid. At eBay, when you set your maximum bid at let’s say $2000, only the minimum price (marginally higher than the “current” price) will be set in the bid and it will be automatically raised if someone breaches the current high bid. That’s what happened here.. just look at the history of bidding for this particular item.

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