Nexus 4 price shoots to $1749 on eBay! [Update: Only $749]

But wouldn't you rather have a $1749 phone

The LG Nexus 4 is a top of the line smartphone with a price tag of a mid-range device, everyone knows that, at least when bought from the Google Play Store. The retail price of the device is however set at around 600 Euros by LG, which again is something that is very acceptable considering how powerful and high-end the Nexus 4 is.

But wait, if you thought that 600 Euros was too much to pay for a device that costs only $350 from Google, then you’ll be shocked to hear that one eBay seller is selling the Nexus 4 for a whopping $1749.99. Apparently, the seller already sold 29 Nexus 4’s at $650, but has priced the remaining two Nexus 4 in his stock at $1749.99, no doubt in the hopes that someone might be crazy enough to buy one.

And this is a seller that has a 100%¬†feedback score and 3000+ ratings we’re talking about, not just some eBay user trying to make a quick buck by fooling people, which makes it even more surprising. At $1749, someone would be able to get the Nexus 4 and a couple of other high-end devices, and I for one can’t comprehend why anyone would spend it all on the Nexus 4 alone.

But then again, those more money in the bank than intelligence have been known to do some pretty surprising things, right?

Update: It seems the $1749 price was a mistake by the seller, as the price has now been changed to $749. Still a lot more than the Play Store price, but on par with the retail price and not so insane anymore.

Source: eBay

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