Nexus 4 Korea launch undermined by carriers’ demands


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  • ickyboo

    Why does this matter? LG’s flagship device is the Optimus G

    Nexus 4 is a Google flagship device . The S Korean and Japanese markets usually don’t like Nexus devices as they are very nationalistic to home brands like Sharp,Sony and Toshiba for Japen and Samsung and LG for South Korea.

    • Jake

      I’m guessing someone has never been to Japan. Based on my observations somewhere around 30-40% of all people over 20 have an iPhone. Although that might be just me or the people around me, but you do see an enormous amount of iPhones in Japan.

  • androrobo

    Its time the carriers understood their place. I trust google at the end of the day and I think the Nexus can change the US for the better.